Thursday, June 3, 2010

Losing It

With Jillian Michaels....have you seen it yet?? It was on last nite and they did a repeat of it tonite. Since I wasn't home last nite to watch it and forgot to dvr I was quite happy to see it repeated tonite. Since it was on at 8 we just hit record as I knew we'd be busy with the whole bed time routine....not to mention hockey.

Today could have been a good day...but for whatever reason my children decided it was going to be a "Drive Mummy Batty" day...they succeeded!! Man!

I think Samantha is trying to tell me she hates her height...she's CONSTANTLY getting the stool from the bathroom or the can of dog food that is in the pantry and using it as a stool....and then climbing up to get things off the counter that she KNOWS she shouldn't be getting.

Case in point....I'd bathed her first and was busy washing DJ up while she had free reign of the house...I come out and she's got the dog food can out and up against the cupboards where the lazy susan is. I then come past that wall that separates the living room from the kitchen and she's got two wipes trying to clean up something brown on the floor. Immediately I think to myself, "This is NOT good" She stands up, grabs the two wipes knowing she's NOT supposed to have them, and says in her two-year-old garble "garbage" and throws them out. It was then I noticed the empty vanilla bottle on the floor. *I keep ours in a squeeze bottle on the counter, which is perfect for getting at those bruises instantly* And then I see the contents of the bottle ALL over the floor!!! She looks at me and says "mess!" like I wasn't sure what I was seeing.

Around 11:30 I decided to do a work out using On Demand....the kids both start off doing it with me and peter out. I get down to do push ups and Bailey thinks I'm in "puppy stance" and wanting to rough house with her...she nailed me!!! Even at her young age she's heavy!! Not my idea of fun! I forge on and keep working out telling her to go lay down. I'm more than half way done and getting a good cardio workout going and I look over at DJ who's in the dining room and he's STANDING ON THE TABLE playing with the chandelier. I couldn't hit pause fast enough!

It was like they were both out to get me today!! I caught them both outside on the deck fooling around...while I'm in the kitchen getting food ready...they were in the bathroom playing when they know they shouldn't be...oh it was insane!! I'm surprised I still have a voice!

To top it all off, Howie was going to be super late....he had to get our flat tire fixed if possible. There was a screw in it from the weekend at some point. The joys of country living. At least Les Schwab didn't charge to fix it...but because the tire is so worn they couldn't legally put it on the car....which is fine, the spare tire is a real it can wait til Howie gets round to it. But the discussions of new tires for both vehicles has started. Lovely!

So, once everyone was in bed I pulled out DJ's gifts that I've been stashing for a while and took inventory and organized it. I didn't get any boxes down so I didn't start wrapping. I did get the goody bags done up for the kids who are coming. DJ's SO excited for this!! We've been counting down sleeps for a while now, but it seriously seems like just last week I was telling him that it was still 24 days we are 5 days away!! That's just crazy!

Now, I'm heading to bed...I'm just about done the book I'm reading, so I'd better get the next one "ordered" in the library website...OR pick out Dear John and read

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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