Monday, June 14, 2010

A little more than kissed

I'm downright sunburned!!! I woke up redder than I went to bed...did someone put tanning lights in our bedroom without me noticing!?!?!? I think I even burned the hair follicles on my scalp!! I can see the red where my part is....but it hurts even to touch the hair!!! OUCH!!! Thankfully I'm a faithful aloe user...and that stuff feels SOOO nice and cool on the skin!!! Its like my skin sighs with relief when I put it on! lol

Today wasn't as sunny...but it was dry!! So we're up to 3 days in a row now...not too shabby!! I was able to get out in the garden this afternoon too and check on its progress....and I learned a lesson...not to plant things too deep in the soil...those new growths aren't strong enough to break thru...and with all the rain we've had, it just made the earth that much heavier! I did some surface recon today and uncovered a BUNCH of new growth starts...this excites me!!!! I was beginning to think all was lost...but its not!! YAY!!! Howie also got me a piece of the chicken wire cut so the peas will have a little something to climb up! When the beans and cukes are ready, they'll get their own. I think the cauliflower and broccoli are done....they got too wet and didn't make it. In the next couple weeks I'll replant them so I can have a late summer crop of them.

Interestingly sad fact....we have not had a day over 75 degrees since September 23rd OF LAST YEAR!!!!!! Apparently yesterday we only got to 74 at Seatac where they take "official" temps for record keeping...that's insane!!!! Come on summer!!!!

I also got 4 loads of  laundry done...even dried a comforter on the back deck in the half, it sure smells GOOD!!! I just love that outdoor dried smell! I sure wish Howie would give in and create me a laundry line...I'd love to dry our clothes out there!! The sun is amazing!

This afternoon I had to return the movie we rented and pick up a couple I did that while everyone watched Toy Story...the first one. DJ had never seen it and was enthralled!! I recorded it yesterday, so we have it on DVR for him to watch whenever. When they got done watching it Howie discovered a Buzz Lightyear movie on...we missed the first 20 minutes of it, but DJ didn't care!!! I just love how Sam says it too "Buhh lighyer" but she knows!! Hearing her say "To infinity and beyond" is just too comical!!!

After dinner, which was YUMMY!!, I bathed the kids...all that playing yesterday and today had to get washed off!! Then once they were in bed, it was my turn! Which is how I know my hair follicles got burnt...they hurt to wash! I did put aloe in my hair last nite, and may do so in a few minutes when I go to bed.

Ohhh I made a deal with the devil Howie...that if he took care of the kitty litter, I'd make him a batch of caramel corn every week....he took it!!!! This pleases me to NO end!!!! Since not doing it for the past 5 years, I've kind of gotten spoiled!! Twice now the cat's peed on the bed in anger at me, so to avoid this, Howie has the chore...while I slave at the stove to make him caramel corn! Win win if you ask me!!!!

Speaking of...guess I'd better get busy making more for my parents dad LOVES the stuff!!! It is really good!! And soooooooo bad for you!!! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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