Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Parks don't always work out

Today we had another GORGEOUS day!!!! Not sure yet if we got over 75 or not....KING5 didn't tweet me back...but it must've been close!!!!

With DJ staying out so "late" last nite and not getting to bed til after 9, he didn't get up til after 8:30...SO nice!!! What a difference the sun and extra hour of sleep did for me! Sam was waking up as we were, so we all got up and got the day started!

The plan was to go to a new park for a picnic with the Mommy & Me group...a new to us park that is. The name of it was the Al Borlin park...we've changed its name to the Al Boring park...there was nothing but picnic tables! In DJ's words to Howie at dinner "There were NO slides and NO swings!" Not much fun for a 4 yr old...or a 2 yr old! The only plus was being so close to the train tracks and we had two trains pass by us nice and loudly!

We left there and headed for home for Sam to take a nap...she's still latched on to her new baby boy doll and it goes to bed with her now. Today it's name varied between Gary and Denny....strange girl! Not sure if I'm the one giving her the ideas/names and she's just agreeing...but for the life of me, I can't figure out what she's saying his name is! Even my interpreter, DJ, can't decipher it! LOL

Once we got home DJ went straight to K's house to play!!! SamSam went down for her nap pretty much as soon as we got in the house. About an hour later, DJ came running in asking if it was okay for him to go "swimming"....which ended up being getting hosed down with their hose. He was THRILLED when I pulled out his Lightning McQueen swim shorts! It was like I'd just bought them for him lol Oh to be 4 and not have the long term memory!

It wasn't til Howie got home that he decided he'd had enough of being wet and got changed into his clothes again. It was such a nice day that Howie got changed and came right back out to mow the lawn/weeds again! Turns out we have a little something going on with the septic...something about a fitting....I have no clue! As long as it's DIY fixable, I'm good!

As soon as dinner was done, DJ was back, I have NO idea where he gets all that energy from!!! While he was out I bathed Sam and got her ready for bed. She enjoyed her extra long bath! She's such a funny little girl! Her sense of humour is blossoming and its fun to watch!!! Her vocab is getting there too! I had one of the moms from the group ask if she talks....and it was then that it dawned on me that she doesn't really talk much when we're not at home she doesn't stop! She talks, she sings, she squeals...but when we're out, she listens and keeps her mouth shut. Smart girl if you ask me!

About 20 after 8 DJ came in and it was his turn in the bath...he got the quick-no-play bath! It was close to 9 when he got tucked in...and we didn't hear one peep from him! Love that!!

Since there wasn't anything on tv worth watching, I watched 3 episodes of Lost....and still have NO answers to any I'm not following the alternate storyline very well! I swear, if there's some geek out there that knows how to arrange Lost in 3 parts it would be amazing! The island lives, the after island lives and the if-it-never-crashed lives. SO confusing!!!!! Of course then they throw in the pre everything lives just to mess ya up! Its worse than a soap opera!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Bridget didn't talk much either, but when she found her voice LOOK OUT. Maybe the dolls name is Jenny or Jerry? Too funny, even your interpreter couldn't figure it out!

    That park should have come with warning. Bring fun, like balls and stuff. :-)


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