Monday, June 7, 2010

Not your typical Family Day

But today we all spent it together....delivering Avon!! I had a chauffeur and two tag alongs today! It was nice not to do all the driving by myself, and I had one new place to deliver that was helpful.

The main reason we were all spending the day together was for a Sip n See for my g/f Wyndi's new babe, Nola Kate. She's 4 and a half weeks old now and instead of doing a shower they did a "come meet the baby" party! What fun too!!

My Avon didn't take nearly as long as normal as I had very few deliveries! We left the house shortly after 11 and got to the Sip N See at 1:30 when it started! Usually Avon day takes me 4 or 5 hours!!! Maybe I oughta have Howie drive me more often as it goes quicker! Yeah, I'm sure he'd love that!! lol

Since we were pretty much second to arrive I got to help out in the kitchen...which didn't take much effort really and I'm glad to pitch in. Wyndi had 4 or 5 different kinds of lemonade on the go! There was 6 or 7 different cheeses, crackers, chips, guacamole, hummus, veggies, massive fruit salad, cookies galore and cupcakes. Perfect!! The kids got busy playing right as soon as we got in the house. They hadn't seen Izzy in a LONG time!

Around 3 we took off so SamSam could get some semblance of a nap...HA! We had one more stop on the way home to Morgin's house to pick up a tomato stake and some pea stakes for the garden. Joanne isn't gardening this year, so she loaned them to me! Most helpful!! I can't believe my tomato will get that big!! It was close to 4 by the time Sam dozed off...and we were just about half way home. brat! At least she got some kind of nap!

We got home in plenty of time for the hockey game!! While the first period was playing Howie and I set up the picnic table for DJ. Or should I say WITH DJ...he tried desperately to help! By the mid point he'd been banned to the chair or couch to watch! We did it tho!! And its definitely a two person set up job! Howie might disagree with me as he's a guy and could have done it all by himself WITHOUT the help of two children and their roaming hands!

I almost caved and let them eat their dinner at the table, but it wasn't really that type of dinner. Ravioli and salad with garlic bread....and to boot: something the kids had never had. So I didn't want that fight with him at another table! Tomorrow we'll invite the neighbours over for some cake at the table. Its supposed to be nice out, so he can use it outside for the first time! He sure loves it tho!! Its currently in the middle of the living room...he sat there and watched tv sitting on it. What a nut!

I know I owe pictures from the party...and they're coming...with not being home  I haven't had a chance to even upload them! Soon...I promise!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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