Saturday, June 19, 2010

First time for everything

As I type this my son is sleeping in a tent outside next door. For the first time ever!!!!

Today was GORGEOUS!!!!! We need more than  few more days like today! Altho, we still haven't hit over 74 degrees in 268 days now, it was definitely nice out!!!

This morning started with my Avon being delivered....then we rushed out the door for a potluck at the library which was also a secret (notsosecret) baby shower for the groups organizer Linae. Then we hit up the co-op for dog food and treats...then Albertsons quickly...then home for SamSam to take a nap...then off to deliver Avon and meet up with another delivery at the shopping (which included one of those YUMMY roasted chickens, thanks Mom for the idea waybackwhen) and then drive home and eat dinner.

Before we left tho, our neighbours had set up their tent to "check things out" as they're going away on vacation that will include camping. And the boys (dad included) were sleeping outside....and asked if DJ would like to join them. I asked him and he JUMPED at the chance!!!! That's my boy!!! When we got back it was all I could do to get him to eat his dinner! Then we called over and sure enough they  were going to camp out. So we got him dressed in warmer clothes and he headed out to IS still light out til after 9 now! I think it was close to 11 we saw the flashlights flickering in the hopefully he settled well and quickly! Esp considering it was 3 hours past his bed time!

I'll be sleeping with the phone on my nightstand like usual!

Oh, and it turns out we've been blaming the wrong cat for the pee on the bed....I walked in seconds after Jasper just finished his dirty deed!! The little bastard! So, he's free to a good home!! I wouldn't let him up on my lap tonite while watching tv with Howie either....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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