Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfect Day: Take 2

WOW, this weekend could not have gotten any better!!! Well, okay, one thing would have made it better...having Jake with us! But I'm pretty sure productivity would have gone down and food consumption would have gone up! He IS 16 ya know!

This morning I woke up quite lazily about 9:30....and loved every lavish second of it! Kids were fed...dogs were fed...Sam was dressed....oh, and the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher!!! Without me even asking!!!!!!! How awesome was that!??!!? Kudos to my hubby for making me smile first thing in the morning!!

Once breakfast was out of the way, we all went back outside to work in the yard....some more!!! As if a whole day yesterday wasn't we did even more!! The back fence is now officially reclaimed by us!! Go Howie!! I'm still just baffled to look over the deck and see all the ground that's ours! Incredible!! He's done such  good job working out there! He even commented today that he's happy to be going to work just to get a break from yard work!! lol 

We may even have a new plan for the garden next year....along the back fence since the earth is just so viable!!! There were no other plans for it other than I'll keep my eye on it during a sunny day and see how much sun it actually that is the main factor to any garden! But it would also double the one I have now! In fact, we even talked about the one I have now becoming a melon garden since its closer to the house and gets the heat off it too...and then having a regular garden along the fence! I'd love to grow some corn!!! Listen to me all green thumbish!! Of course, this is all contingent on this year's garden being a hit!! *sigh* So far, it's a fail! But I haven't given up hope yet!

Once Sam was down for her nap I got busy building a fire for all the brush/blackberry weeds that had been hacked prior and already dried out....I had that sucker just a going!!! I worked on it for an hour and a half and then had to leave as it was my turn to clean the trailer and get ready for the day's incoming run. I left a wee bit earlier than that to run Redbox to return the movie and to check in on the gals at the salon I deal with. Imagine my shock and surprise to read that that location was shut down due to economic times. So sad!!! I'll have to call the gal I know at the other salon tomorrow and see what's what! I'd hate to lose the client base of the hair stylists!

By the time I returned to the house, SamSam was up and running around with DJ....and the brush was ALL GONE!!!!!!! It was so weird not to see this huge mound of leaves and debris in the yard!!! Of course, there's still what he cut down yesterday, and today...but those piles need to dry out before we can burn 'em up. Just call me Fire Maiden!!!! Or would it be Fire Pit Boss....either way, I'm happy! Both DJ and I can't wait til Grandma and Poppa come so we can have a REAL bonfire and roast marshmallows!!! He's never had roasted ones and my dad is THE best marshmallow roaster!!! Beyond perfection really!!! Its an art! I can almost smell them now....oh wait, that's just the smoke in my hair and clothes...close!

After dinner I bathed both kids as they were very much so dirty!!! Two days of romping in the yard with all its dirty things....a bath was a must!!! Once they were in bed Howie and I watched Extreme Home Makeover....something we'd never qualify for as we're too normal...and really, our house is fantastic! Its still a feel good show tho! After that was Drop Dead Diva....and Howie went to bed lol! What a great show tho!! I can't believe I missed the first season...I'll have to check and see if On Demand has it. Ohhh good idea! *pats myself on the back*

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. It sounds like you are making real progress. Isnt it great to have youw OWN house to do this for? I am happy for you all


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