Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Oh she's really fully and wonderfully IN her twos now!!! This morning, nay, last nite, when I went in to check on her she was sleeping naked....and this morning when I went to get her out of bed she was still naked. I really do think her favourite thing to say is "I do it!!!" and be all stubborn like. Quite infuriating sometimes!!!

Oh....and how's this for a Dose of Gross:

She's figured out how to take her diaper off by herself, and this morning was no different. DJ was in the bathroom on the toilet and she came running out here bare bummed so I chase her back to the chair in the living room to put a fresh one on her and then go in search of the dirty one. It was in the bathroom on the floor. She'd done a poop and wanted it off....and left it on the floor. By the toilet. Where Bailey was eating it. Yes, I just threw up in my mouth too just typing it out. And trust me, I wanted to throw up then as well. Quite vulgar really! BLECH

Thankfully I didn't have to deal with any dog puke like I thought I would...ugh!!

The morning went quickly as I was also putting my Avon order in. Sadly, to date, this was my weakest campaign....*sigh* I guess I have to have down ones every now and then...just gotta work on getting more customers.

I also did Jillian's workout again before lunch....and it didn't hurt near as bad as it did Friday. I could feel the "burn" in all the muscles she was working...and since doing the Biggest Loser ones I know how to modify some of the it was all good.

After lunch Sam took her nap and DJ and I laid on the couch and read books til he discovered K was outside and took off running!!! With him out of the house I grabbed a shower as I had an Avon meeting tonite in Lynnwood. It was a good meeting too! Rather large as we had our district managers join us...usually we have 6-8 people and tonite we must have had 20 or so! It was informative too!! All about the new products coming out over the summer...which is always exciting!!

After the meeting I went in search of a gift from my FIL to DJ for his birthday...I was given the go ahead to get it for the party...but I don't think that's gonna happen now. I want to get him a picnic table for outside so he and Sam can eat their lunch properly on the deck....but the stores don't carry the one I want, its online only...and it won't get here in time. So, I may have Dad just give DJ the money and he can "help" me purchase the one we want for him. I've called 5 different places and checked 4 different stores....they have the cheap ones, but I don't want a cheap one...I want one that will last a couple years!

Now, I'm heading to bed...been a long day! DJ was up a half hour ago to pee and he's just such a cuddly boy when he's half asleep!! And FUNNY too!!! We had a good time giggling before I tucked him in. He was pleased I came home and wanted to chat about it. Then he told me he wanted music before I left, and that he wanted Barney...but I said that was in Sam's room. He smirked at me and said...No, it's in MY room!!! And giggled evilly!! He was right was in his player! The little sneak! I turned it and he drifted right back to sleep! What a kid!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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