Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gardening: Take 2!

I have to go on record saying that today was THE most perfect day!!! There isn't one thing I'd change about it!!! In fact....I want a do-over it was that fun!!!!

What did we do??

Not much! Well...not much off our property!!!! We did LOTS to/on our property!!! What a HUGE difference today made to how our place looks now!!!! WOW!

We woke up with no plans to go we stayed home (OMG I just NOW realized that we missed the magic show I wanted us all to go to...shoot!!) and got very busy with yard work!! Since last week Howie's been reclaiming our property from the blackberries that have been growing rampant for the past howeverlong years! I think it added a good 12 feet to the side of our yard they were that grown! And te soil there, is truly amazing!!! SO soft and rich!!!

While Howie was toiling away with the weed whacker, I did some inside stuff like laundry and dishes and emails...then headed outside with everyone else! Howie had started a fire in our fire pit area to burn our Christmas tree...and to think, in 6 short months we'll have another one decorated in the house! hee hee

He also burned most of the blackberry stuff he took down last week as it had had a week to dry out. Since this was "take 2" on the burning of the tree....he cleared that entire area of debris that wouldn't burn and WOW what  difference it makes to look out there and NOT see a pile of burnt crap! Amazing!!

While he was busy doing that....I replanted the garden!! I spoke with my friend Cynthia and she said it was more than okay to replant everything that didn't take and see if I can at least get a fall garden from it all!! Works for me!!! In my endeavours I discovered that I did in fact have carrots growing!!! I found these teeny tiny sprouts coming up!! SO excited!!!! The peas are also doing amazing!! I had to tie them up as they're starting to get heavier and not find the trellises to climb on. DJ was VERY excited that I planted the pumpkin seeds!!! I think he'll be watching them closely! Ohhh and my tomato plant has 9 flower buds on it!! SWEET!!!!!

This time I also wrote down what I planted as I I'll know what to watch for instead of being surprised! :)  Once I got the planting done, which didn't take long as I was very sure not to bury the seeds....I got busy weeding around the fence! Oh, what a chore that was!!! It took up ALL of Samantha's nap...and then some! At least now Howie can mow around it and not leave the weeds to grow as he can't get them with the weed whacker or it'll break the strings on the fence. It looks SOOO good!!!! I even took pix! I'll try and upload them tomorrow....I know, I still owe birthday party pix.....bear with me! They're on the 'puter, just need to take time and add them!

About 5 I came in the house to get started on dinner prep....and tried getting the bbq going...out of propane. URGH!!!! So off I went to get it filled, get more beer and eggs, and a movie for tonite! All that took me over an hour!!!! Boy was I starving when I got home!!! The kids were too! I think they were very tired as we had a bit of fighting eating at dinner even tho they liked what all was on their plates. Silly kids!

I grabbed a much needed shower while Sam finished up her dinner...and when I came out, they were pajama' I put them both to bed while Howie grabbed a shower. Then we both sat and watched the movie I rented.Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. Can I just say...WOW! I'd read the blurb on it in the Redbox thingy, but it far exceeded what I thought it would be! Very thought provoking! There was no way I could predict what was going to happen next! I will also say, there were A LOT of characters and it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was who!  But overall....highly recommend it!!! Even Howie stayed awake for the whole thing!! :) You know it's a good movie if he watches it all!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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