Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was so busy

Avoning this morning that Miss Samantha pulled me away from my chair and made me sit in my rocking recliner and put Barney on for her.  Ha! Just what I wanted to do...NOT!!!! But sit with her I did!! It was nice to take a break! Then we watched Fifi and then "more Fifi!!!" ...I just love how she says Fifi...and its so incredibly clear. I think that's what gets me...she can say it perfectly! We've been working with her about her S's and its tough for her! We also LOVE how she's so grown up sometimes when she says things...just today when Howie got home from work, she went up to him and said "Up Dad!" and the Dad part was very enunciated! And it had that tone that if you don't, I'll put up a fuss! Of course, he obliged!!!

Today was a good weather day...the rain held off til the kids went to bed...and I'm quite happy about the rain...means I don't have to go out and water the garden! God's doing it for me!!! And its much more evenly watered now! :)

This morning DJ headed out to play with the boys next door...he doesn't know it yet, but they're going away for 3 whole weeks....he's going to be heart broken!!! 3 weeks to a 4 year old is L O N G!!! And then when they get back, we'll have my parents here visiting...and then summer is half over! Sheesh!!!!! Who planned that?? I think summer should be 6 mos long...not 3! Of course, if we could just get summer temps we'd be laughing!! Today was chilly!!! The heat even came on this morning!!! If that doesn't say something, I don't know what will! Man!

DJ was still out playing when Sam joined him after her nap! With the windows open I feel okay letting her go alone...plus she waited til Howie was home, so his ears were open for her. She just likes the swing next door...as long as the boys leave her be, she's quite content to just swing away! I knew Michaela was out there too....and all the boys watch out for her. She has no clue the people who are looking out for her! Lucky girl!

I made Chinese for dinner...Cashew Chicken...oh it was YUMMY!!! Even the kids liked it! Took DJ some time to come around to the fact that he was NOT getting  hot dog for dinner...meanwhile SamSam was plowing thru her dinner like nobody's business!! She is a rice fiend!!! Love that she's a good eater! We've also entered the "reverse psychology" age for her....tell her NOT to eat her carrots and she's shoving them in her face! Its comical!

Tonite was The Bachelorette....I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad she finally saw the light about the "weatherman" from Texas...he was annoying!! And can't sing to save his life! Jesse was another good pick to have gone...he's just too country for her. I do wish she's exercise her options like Jake did and remove a few more at a time. There's one dude that has literally had NO camera time...Chris N....no one knows anything about who he is! I wonder if he's a spy on her behalf in the house...might be interesting! Either way, he's not attractive at all! lol My fave is Chris L...who I picked out from that first nite....and Roberto is a sweetie!! Kirk is also growing on me. Kasey is "kreeping" me out!!! Seriously!!! I love Monday nites! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. my cousin who's been deployed is now home for a 2 week vacation with his wife! SO excited he's home safely in the middle of his deployment! Hope they have a wonderful time together!!

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