Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Belt Buckle goes to...

Tonite was the CMT awards....for you non-Country music fans...this is a fan voted awards show! And much more relaxed than other awards shows! One day....I WILL be in audience!!!! Mark my words!! My goal is to be there for CMA Fest in that Howie?? lol He knows I'm such a he knows I'm semi-serious about this! I have a twitter friend who was in attendance at tonite's awards show...SO jealous with every bone in my body!!!!!! Hence the declaration!

Today was more rain....are ya shocked??Yeah, neither were we!! We had a play date planned for today too....a trek around Tye Lake with DJ on his bike...and then a picnic at their awesome instead I had Howie bring in the picnic table last nite just in case....good thing too!

Before Kody and her girls arrived the kids and I went to town to pick up some money owed for Avon...get some stamps....and get new books at the library. Remind me not to get 8 books for the kids at one time again....I had to read them ALL before dinner!!! And stupid me picked up longer books too!! There were two Dr Seuss books that had me rhyming in my head long afterwards....and one of them was a tongue twister book...damn!!! I was spitting all over myself to say them right! DJ just laughed!

We got home with a bit of time to spare before Kody arrived....and my kids were thrilled to see them again. It'd been a while! And they all took off running and playing and yelling and was good! Perfect for indoorness. Lunch was done in shifts as my kids were hungry sooner...and actually it worked out well! Then the snacking began...that was funny!! Each kid wanting something different...and DJ just eating whatever was out there! We did FINALLY finish off DJ's birthday cake!! Whew! Small pieces make it last too long! Thanks for the cake help Kody, Emma and Isobel!

They left while the sun was when Sam got up we headed door kids were out too, so it was all good!! Howie wasn't coming home in time for dinner as he was spectating at Jake's baseball game. After all the wacky weather we'd been having, I wasn't sure if he'd get to play or not.They lost and Howie wasn't home til just about 9. I'd just sat down to watch the CMT he joined me for an hour and then headed to bed.

I have to say...I"m THRILLED with all the winners!!! They all deserve to win! The only serious beef I have with this year's broadcast ....the host!! Kid Rock is NOT country and shouldn't be hosting!!! He's crass and comes across as a moron!! And honestly...a RAP song as an opening act didn't sit well with me!! I don't care  if he involved 15 country acts...and the song has the word "cowboy" in it...its NOT country!!

Ok, rant over! lol Now, it's time to get to bed.....I laid down on the couch while the noodles were cooking for dinner and near fell asleep!!! Sheesh!! I washed my pillows thanks to cat pee...and now I can't sleep on them...urgh!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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