Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting for the granola

I decided to make the granola a little later than I probably should here I sit waiting for to finish in the oven and then I can head to bed. Its been since Friday that I've had any and I was jonesing for some tonite!

Today we got up nice and early...*note sarcasm* as DJ had peed his bed. I find it ironic and not at all funny that I literally just had the thought yesterday that we've been very fortunate in his pottying skillz and how he rarely if ever pees the bed. And then this morning happens.....5 something he comes to me soaked...I tell him to take his pj's off and put them in the laundry and get some undies...he left them at the side of my bed and went and got undies. Yeah!

Then we got up for real just after 8 when DJ came to tell me Bailey peed in the living room....this after 3 wonderful days of nothing in the house!! URGH!! So while the kids had breakfast I got down to business sending in my Avon order...we had a Mommy & Me group thing today so I wasn't going to be home in time to submit it and didn't want to chance it! While it wasn't my biggest order was the most customer volume for me! 21 orders!!! That's HUGE for me!! And 5 of them were first timers!! Not too shabby!

We were a bit late to Albertsons for our tour...but it turns out we weren't late at all!! Whew!! We got there about 5 mins late and it didn't start for another 10 mins after that. Apparently half of the moms who went somewhere last week got the they were home sick! We had 6 kids for our tour. DJ really got a lot from it this time!!! I mean, A LOT!!! He was telling Howie all about it at dinner tonite and even I was surprised how much he remembered!

We got home in time for lunch, which was provided courtesy of Albertsons and their tour! and about 1:30 SamSam went down quite willingly for her nap. So DJ and settled in to watch Toy Story, the first one...he's really loving this movie! Debating on taking him to the theater to see the 3rd one...maybe, we'll see.

Howie was late coming home from work, but everyone was happy to see him! He brought a gift with him too!! Our friends Wyndi and Steve sent a gift for DJ's birthday on behalf of their daughter Izzy...this GIGANTIC box of outdoor chalk and a Cars memory game. So, after dinner DJ and I played memory. Dude's got a memory on him too!! I didn't cheat...nor did I help him and he WON! YAY!!! He got my memory and not Howie's!!!! Howie's memory is like a sieve...I kid you not!! So this is very good to see him do so well! And he really enjoyed playing with me! Sam didn't enjoy us playing without her so I let her have a turn and she was happy! Now, for her, I

Since there was nothing on tv tonite I watched 3 episodes of  Lost...and I'm confused as to why they keep flashing to this alternative life, the one they "would" have had if they'd never crashed...and how everyone crosses paths with each other regardless of being stranded on an island. I swear, it makes NO sense!!!! I think the writers burned out 2 seasons I guess its good that its over and done with! But man, my confusion is just growing! I thought being able to watch them in a row would help...its not!

So, now I'll wait the last 8 minutes before taking the granola out and then head to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. That's funny about LOST. I still love it. I thought their pre (before the bright light) life was kinda cool. Congrats on your orders! That's awesome. Your website is really cool.

    Hope your granola is yummy!


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