Friday, June 4, 2010

What is that bright orb in the sky??

Why, it's the sun!!! We woke up to SUNSHINE!!!!!!!

And then I really woke up to Bailey whining...which got me out of bed quicker than anything a I don't want pee on the carpets!! Turns out she wasn't whining to go potty....she was whining that DJ and Snickers were playing fetch.

Yes, my son, in his Lightning McQueen pj's was out on the back deck throwing the ball for Snickers who was barking madly for him to throw the ball NOW!

And it wasn't even 8 am....

I should have just gone back to bed at that point...really!

The disobedience got worse as the morning went on....the garage...again....outside....again....I swear I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes! His Evanoff is shining thru and it needs to stop! Its not funny or cute!!!

The panic of the day...I get a message from Howie saying we're OUT of propane....HUH!?!?! This is NOT good! So I put in a call to our propane providers and wait for them to call back. He did within the hour....and could get to us today but it would cost 120.00 for him to re-route a truck to come to me. And the next time he's in our area is Monday! MONDAY!!!!! I can't go that long without hot water!!!!! So I tell him that I'll need to call my husband and discuss it with him. We currently have a nice credit with them that would more than cover a fill up since I've been making monthly payments in advance. Smart eh?

So I call Howie to tell him the bad news...and he says to go down to the water heater and check it. Sure enough little fingers (probably SamSam's as she likes buttons) ad turned the water heater into vacation mode. As soon as I put it on hot it fired right up and we had hot water within an hour. What a start! I called the guy back and put us on the list for Monday! Whew!

After lunch I took the kids to the shed to check what the day brought in food wise...and I scored!! Got DJ's birthday cake and he's thrilled!!! Also got some fruit and veggies as well as other goodies. Even got more pitas so I can make pita chips. All in all, I did well! I'm gonna like this pattern.

We got home and Sam went right down for her nap...she was starting to fade in the truck when we pulled in. As I went downstairs to put the cake in the fridge I noticed an unfamiliar I investigate when I come back in....the kids had gotten into the solid silver polish. UGH!!!! It was everywhere!!! I put the gate up to keep animals out and put the vacuum over it...started cleaning up the toys and realized it was DJ's job...not mine! I turn to hop over the gate and NAIL my knee square on with the corner sticking out. INSTANT pain!!! I couldn't even look! Now, I was furious...called DJ in and he got right to work cleaning up while I followed him with the vacuum all the while wincing in pain.

Once back upstairs and DJ's back outside I pull my pant leg up and check out my knee. The top part of my knee cap is the size of a lemon....and there's broken skin where the actual corner connected with my body. OUCH!!! Its still kind of throbbing now, 8 hours later!!

Once the kids were in bed I gave Howie a hair cut and then went and took a shower. Once he went to bed I watched So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD from here on out) and marveled at some who had obvious talent and shook my head at the wonderment of others who obviously don't have friends who tell them the truth! ha! Then a new season of Royal Pains started tonite on USA...LOVE this show!! If you haven't caught it...try to! Thursday nites at 10 pm!

Now, off to bed I go...the sheets got changed thanks to a certain cat who was being mean! She got my pillows's hoping I can sleep okay without my satin pillow case...or my pillows! I swear, the next time she thinks about going outside, I'm not going to stop her...or call her back!! This has GOT to stop!! grrrrrrrrrr

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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