Friday, June 25, 2010

I have some new rules!

Not for the kids amazingly....but for attending concerts!!! I'll get back to that....

This morning DJ was back to his normal routine of waking up at 7:15ish! Thankfully he dozed back for another half hour and then we got up. Sam was already calling my name so she was definitely up! Part of me can't wait til she's in a real bed and can get up on her own...but then that means there's TWO children climbing in bed in the middle of the nite! OY! We'll need a bigger bed for sure!

Since we had a play date this morning we got right to breakfast! And we were surprisingly out the door by 9:30! Impressive these days! Our play date was with a mommy friend from Mukilteo....I've known her since her daughter was 3 mos old and she's now 3! Andie and I hit if off simply because of our age....we're a wee bit older than the other moms we knew from the other we connected!

We met them at Forest Park in Everett...which is this AMAZING park!!! It has everything!! A HUGE creative for kids to play on...even one for smaller toddlers! 8 or 10 swings. Climbing structures. A petting zoo. And a splash park! Not to mention a swimming pool where they do lessons and whatnot. HUGE park!! We've been to it before for other play dates and birthday parties, but DJ doesn't remember that at all! So today it was like his first time there! I arrived 3 minutes before Andie did , so good timing! The kids took off to play on the creatives right away! About an hour later we headed over to the petting zoo...they had the normal farm animals....mostly babies of and that's perfectly okay! They tolerate the petting more so! I was worried Sam would not like it as much, but she got right in there petting anything that would let her! They both loved it! After a half hour of that we headed up to have lunch at a picnic table. When done eating we hit up the restroom and changed into swim attire for the sprinkler park. Both my kids totally walked right into the spraying water! It was COLD too!!! The sun was out, so they didn't care!

Just after 1 we left as I had two Avon deliveries to make on the way home. Once home I rushed getting ready as I was meeting Howie at the same park n ride I was meeting my friend Denise at to head to Seattle for a concert. Boy, did that start the clusterfuck known as my afternoon!!!! I chose not to do my  make up here at the house and figured I'd do it in the truck on the way into Seattle...good thing too! We left here at 3:10 and stopped at Subway so I could grab a footlong for dinner while standing in line at the theater. As I'm pulling out to head out of town it dawns on me that I forgot my ticket! GRRRRRRRRR So I make an opposite turn and head back to the house....which is when I get stuck behind a truck pulling two trailers...lovely!! Get the ticket, and my camera which I'd also forgotten and dart back out to the truck. Head back down the mountain and proceed to the meeting place. Called Howie and Denise to let them both know what I've done....and just keep on driving.

Now, I'd looked at a map prior to leaving the first time to give Howie specifics on which park n ride we're meeting you'd THINK I'd know where I was going. WRONG!!!! I went the wrong way on 405 and ended up in Bothell!!!! Turned around and headed the right way to the park n ride and made it there about only 15 mins late. Not too bad. Denise had also forgotten her tickets so she was late too...and was about 5 mins behind me.

We head into Seattle and get parking kitty corner to the theater...sweet!!!! We had a twitter friend who was coming from Olympia...she got there at 1! So we were first in line! Together there was 7 of us....good group! Now, I'm the only one with a ticket that says Balcony...and they directed TO the balcony even tho its General Admission....grrrrrrrrrrrrr. While sitting in prime seating on the balcony I text Pearl and tell her to give her ticket to Amber and have Amber bring it out to me in the lobby...worked like a charm!!!!

Now I'm sitting front row and center!!! Perfect!!!

Well...not really!! You see, once the opening act strummed his first chord, the girls went running for the stage! Not just my girls...but a whole mess of people!!!! So by the time this opening act (who was just AWFUL) was on his 3rd song, I couldn't feel my feet, they kept falling asleep on me. Denise had a meet n greet with Eric Church (who was the main course) and so she was off during most of the opening act. When she pushed her way thru the crowds to get to us, I told her she could have my spot as I was going back to the seats. Sheesh!! Making my way thru the throng of people is not my idea of fun!! Denise's friend Janice was still in her seat in the front row, so I joined her. As soon as the opening act was done....the area in front of us doubled in people! I kid you not! When Eric took the stage...even MORE people came to the front area!! After getting stepped on 5 times by 5 different people, Janice and I took off for either the lobby or the balcony...we were undecided! That is until we hit the very last row of seating in the place and realized it was a great spot!!! It was about 30 degrees cooler and no one around us! We were also high up enough that none of the idjits in front of us were blocking our view.

And this is how I came up with my rules!!!

I must know AND like at least 3 songs of who ever is performing!

I much prefer outdoor concerts...and if it HAS to be indoor (winter does happen) then a much larger venue is a must!

The first one is critical! I knew one Eric Church song....and he didn't win me over with the rest! Sorry Eric...just not my style! It was NOT country by any stretch of the imagination!

Then on the way home...I once again, went the wrong way on 405!!!!! UGH!! Thankfully it was only a quick 2 mile mistake!! Now, I'm ready, more than ready, for bed!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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