Saturday, June 26, 2010

Double Duty Day

Fridays are now fully mine!!!! Thankfully I still get to sleep in as Howie doesn't go in til later in the morning...but now he comes home even later!!! Like, long past the kids being put to bed!!

Today was a GOOD day!!! I got woken up rather nicely by my husband...after getting to sleep in and NOT hearing screaming, its a wonderful thing!! Once we had breakfast together, he headed to work and I started cleaning up the kitchen....apparently I tried thanking Howie for doing the dishes in the dishwasher....til he reminded me that I'D done it yesterday before I left!! I'd completely forgotten! So then I gave him crap for not unloading it! HA!

Just before 10 I got a call from one of the gals with the Gleaners asking me to look up a phone I did that for her and then she asked if I could go to the trailer and help unload...sure thing! I had no plans for the morning!! We had MANY hands helping this unload/sort...worked quite quickly too! We were back home by noon and the kids were ready for lunch!

Once Sam went down for her nap, DJ and I laid on the couch and he watched Toy Story...for the umpteenth time! We now have Toy Story 2 out in the truck! I swear, if their toys start talking to me....I'm throwing the whole lot out! Movies included!!! :)

A half hour into "rest" time there was a knock on the door....DJ ran to get it, which allowed the dogs to get out as he's just not quick enough to avoid that yet!! Oh the barking that ensued....they were barking at the UPS truck! DJ brought in the box...and of course I HAD to open it!! I had NO clue who it was from either! I get it open and at the bottom under the brown paper crumpled up to use space, there's a professional microphone....a REAL one!!!

Now, last week, Monday or so, I called Fisher Price about SamSam's Dora microphone/amp set...the cord broke and she hasn't been able to use it. So I called the 800 number and requested a new mic...well, they sent me one alright! 'Cept, it won't work in her TOY amplifier!!! Seriously??? When the guy asked me how it broke I remember saying "She's TWO....she was dragging it around...." Now, I'm laughing at what he was thinking....anybody need a new mic??

After the excitement, we got back to watching the movie and both of us fell asleep!!! TIL 4:37!!!!!!!!!! That is NOT good!!!!! Even Sam was still sleeping!!!!!! 2 and a half hours!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!

Guess who all stayed up til 9 pm....I'm no idiot....if I'd tried to put them to bed at 8 it would have been SO frustrating!! So, instead, they both got long, lazy baths....then we watched the end of Happy Feet a book and turned out the lights! No problems from either one!!

Then I sat down and watched some stuff on DVR from last nite...I'm shocked to say the least about Cristina going home on SYTYCD....I really thought it would be Melinda....hmmmm Oh well...shows ya what I know!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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