Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I am blessed to have many fathers in my life!!!

My own father, who let me feel like I was a princess growing up,  yet grounded me when I took the princess thing too far!

My husband, who is the best father my kids could ever ask for!!! I think even DJ knows how lucky he is...tonite at bed time Howie was reading a bed time book to DJ and he stopped mid book to say "thank you" and DJ says "you're welcome Dad"  Shocked that the reply wasn't "What for Dad?" he asked him, "Do you know what I'm thanking you for?" and DJ's reply, straight from his little 4 year old heart was "For Father's Day!! I love you Dad!!" How awesome is that!??!!

Last, but not least, is my Father-in-law! Not for what he's done for me, but for raising his son to be a great dad! Dare I say, an even better dad! Or a more perfected dad!!

This morning I tried valiantly to allow my husband to sleep I got up with DJ, who'd crawled in our bed at some point last nite, at 7:15...ugh!!! My eyes were SO mad at me for making them stay awake!! Sam got up about 7:30, so I knew I couldn't sneak back to bed once I got DJ settled with a movie. So I got her settled with juice and cookies and laid down on the couch with DJ. About 7:45 Howie was up for the day! And let me crawl back in bed for an hour...or two!! I told him to wake me up in an hour, and he didn't! Instead it was close to 10 when he woke me!!!

I was up in a shot too as I wanted to make french toast for breakfast. I got a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread yesterday and found a recipe for making oven baked french toast. The last time I made it, it was okay, but no one raved about it. Today...we were ALL raving!!! Oh, it was DELISH!!!! I plan on making this one again!!!

After breakfast I bathed our sticky children as they were DUE!!!! While bathing Samantha I heard ruckus and sure enough, Jake came over!! Turns out he had to work this evening, so he came over early to spend the day with his Dad!!! He then polished off 3 pieces of french toast!

While everyone was visiting, I got started with pre-prep for dinner....Howie's dad and g/f Ellen were coming over. As the kids were eating a mini-lunch I hopped in the shower...and Howie put Sam down for her nap....right before his dad came!! So all the Hughes men got to visit today!! That's a good day!

Around 3 Jake took off to get home to change and get ready for work....I popped out to the shed to do my appointed duty of cleaning...which was perfect timing for the gal already there sorting thru today's run. Spent an hour doing that and then headed back home to get dinner going.

Oh, what a feast we had!! This is something my Dad taught me...when you have guests, pull out all the stops!! So we had steak, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, tear away cheesy bread, and Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Sounds good no? It sure was!!!

Dad and Ellen left shortly after 7 so we sat down as a family and watched a movie on DVR that we recorded for the kids...Happy Feet. Didn't realize it was SO long! So we only got watch half of it before the kids were put to bed. Once they were settled I took off to town for a delivery....nice and quick! When I got home, Howie was still up watching tv...then he went to bed and I watched Drop Dead Diva on dvr....this is turning into a great show!!! It's on Lifetime channel, in case you're wondering!

Now, I'm off to la la land! Just gotta get the dishwasher going before I do....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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