Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Pooped!!!!

Boy, this partying is exhausting!!! 

Thank you Lord, we had SUNSHINE from the beginning of the day all the way thru!!!! Oh it was glorious!!!! And to top it all off, I got to sleep in til 9 again! I truly do love my husband! Not too many moms can brag like I do in regards to sleep!

As soon as we were done breakfast and generally pretending we didn't have a houseful of guests coming over....we got down to business!!

First order was the yard...which was Howie's domain. Mine was all indoor. It was slightly manic in the house today! Thankfully, again, the sun was shining and DJ was outside playing his heart out!! It feels like the first time in months that he's been able to do that! And Samantha kept me company thru all the cleaning. She's actually a really good helper when its just her...and when her mood fits! Today, it fit!

After lunch DJ got changed into his new Buzz Lightyear shirt we got last week at Target...he was so excited he got to finally wear it!! The first kids showed up shortly after 2...and they had SUCH a long way to come...across the backyard that is! :) I got the kids started with making doorknob/picture frames with foam stickers. K sat there the longest just decorating his. SamSam really enjoyed it too. DJ put two stickers on his and called it good. I have a feeling he's not so He'll still be taught how to knit tho...mark my words!

Then we headed outside to play croquet....we borrowed a set from my sister-in-law. DJ played it a couple weeks ago at a park play date and loved it! He did today too...'cept Howie made the course miserable!! Using our hilly area against us instead of for us! I played with Michaela and it was LONG!!!! We gave up at the mid point!! Sheesh!!

That's okay, I had scored some flower box kits from Lowes when we were there I got the kids started on making those. Lots of banging and noise...but they sure did enjoy it.  I had some left over dirt and bought a pack of echinacea seeds....they have a pretty purple flower. Still have some left, so may sow the seeds somewhere.

Once they were done making, DJ got down to ripping!! Paper that is! He was loving all the gifts!! He got lots of boring clothes from us...but in each one I put a Cars character in it...he was LOVING that part!! Then, totally a fluke, someone else got him a Cars character too!! And a racing car hotwheels to go with it! He also got a set of two squirt guns...they look deadly!! lol Then he got a new Cars plate, bowl and cup set...which he didn't know was to go with his picnic table he got.

We had fun visiting with all the moms and the one dad that came...and Howie's dad showed up during all the hammering. Just before 6 everyone left and in came Howie's sister and her fam. Jake and Morgin had arrived somewhere in between.

en it all too. So we went from having a houseful to having a different houseful. Whew!! We finally got dinner started just before 7...I was almost in bear state! SO hungry!!!! We had snacky things on the counter and I did a good job of avoiding it I was starving!! 

After dinner DJ got to open the rest of his gifts. I'd saved 3 of ours for with he opened those first....and then the cards, which he got 10.00 in...he liked that!! Then he sat on my lap and I covered his eyes while Howie brought out the picnic table...he got the one without the umbrella. At first he was confused and didn't understand that the big box was for him. It was cute! Then he caught on and saw the big picture on the side of the box.

Then we did it all again and he sat down....I covered his eyes....and he waited semi-patiently while Howie brought out his bike and set it down in front of him. Then I let my hands go and he jumped! He was up looking at it right away!!! He almost wouldn't sit on it without a helmet. Glad we had that area covered...Howie went and got it from the closet and we put it on his head. Then Jake took him outside to show him how to ride it. He truly had no clue!!! Its so funny to watch, especially knowing that by the end of the summer, he'll be a pro!! After about 5 minutes he was done. So we came back inside and did cake and singing.

Shortly after 8 everyone left and we got down to wrangling with two very tired children! Sam had no nap, again, so she was wiped and punchy. DJ was just fresh air tired! They both went to sleep rather quickly!!

Howie joined the slumbering part and I watched Juno...what a strange movie. From the music to the metaphors to the clothes. Just odd! It was touching tho...the very end had me shedding some tears.

Now, I simply must send myself to bed!! G'nite!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. sounds like a fun (and LONG) party. I bet you have a quiet day today. I loved Juno, so canadian, so touching, and funny & sad at the same time.


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