Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I'm hot blooded, Check it and see

Got a fever of a hundred and, I don't have a fever, but the temp in my truck this afternoon on our way to the water park said 103!!! DANG that's HOT!!! I was quite tempted to run back inside and get an egg just to see if it really would fry up on the hood of my truck...but then thought Howie would KILL me for making a mess hahahahaha So I thought better of it and just cranked the a/c in the truck and off we went! whew!

This morning I met up with my g/f Wanda and gave her her slippers that I knit was super excited (I think!) and later texted me that her daughter (who's 5) asked her where her slippers were and was walking around in the ones I made! TOO cute!!! When we pulled into Tim Horton's parking lot I noticed a helicopter (duh! should have taken a pic of it...where was my brain!?!?!) parked up on the field just past the drive thru...and while we were inside they took DJ got to watch the helicopter leave....I got to crack the comment "Gee, I think I'll bring MY helicopter next time!!" hahaha

After our donut date, we headed for Walmart (yes, I know I shop there alot, but really, can you beat the prices?!?!!) for some new shoes for DJ....Sandals that look nice and are not crocs....boy did we find 'em!!! And in "Light McQueen" style too!!! He was over the moon about them!!! Also got Sam some crocs...two pair actually...a cute blue pair with bunnies on the toe and then a pair of Mary Jane crocs in white with pink hearts. I also got some much needed hearing aid batteries (yup, I'm deaf! Well, hearing impaired really) and some other necessities...

Then of course we did the water park after Sam boycotted her nap and DJ enjoyed by bed time (after a luxurious bath) Samantha could hardly keep her eyes open as soon as she latched on. And DJ only pulled his fake "gotta pee" routine on me once....not a bad nite I'd say!!! I also finished up a sweater I made during the cooler needed to be sewn together and its now complete...will take a pic of it tomorrow.

I'm fasting for real tonite....u/s is tomorrow morning....for real! lol

Still nothing in the mail worth mentioning...I did get my PEOPLE mag 3 days late...who do I complain to about THAT!?!?! LOL

2 more chapters to go on the book...than on to Breaking Dawn.....

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. the only bad thing about Canada is that there are no Targets only Walmart... I hate Walmart, I don't care if it's cheaper than Target!!!!

    maybe tomorrow there is word, isn't it 2 weeks soon?


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