Monday, June 15, 2009

Let me be perfectly clear

I HATE NEEDLES!!!!!!!! *shudder* I really do! They HURT!!!! This morning was all about needles! I fasted last nite (if you recall) and got up this morning and headed to the lab once the kids were fed their breakfast (that was hard to do!) for 8:30...then back to the (rather drink) my breakfast...wait two hours, with nothing after breakfast, water included....and then go back and get poked again in the same damn spot! OUCH!!

The first draw was for 6 vials...the second for 1. Because my mom's diabetic my GP is checking my fasting blood sugars (and I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies) and my 2 hours post meal blood sugars. Well, having a mom who tests every morning...I had her poke me and test on her machine...fasting came up at 6.9 and my 2 hour came up at totally within the normal range...we'll see what the lab concocts! In any case, my u/s is now scheduled for next Tuesday for my abdomen and thyroid gland. Then I should be all done, medically speaking, for a year!
After our not-so-much-nap time (Sam slept in the truck on the way to the second blood draw for an hour, and DJ did NOT nap with G'ma like I thought he did) I took the kids to the park. It was windy by our house so I didn't want to do the water park....and the regular park is just fine sometimes! DJ had a fun time chasing all the other kids there...I do wish however, that he'd stop ROARING at other kids in greeting....seriously?!?!?! It's so caveman! Samantha on the other hand was practicing her balance....oh my word! There's this fake log rolling thing (for lack of better words) that when you stand on it, rolls like a log in the water...and you're supposed to run on it (??) or balance on any case, SamSam's been drawn to it like a moth to a flame! Every time we go to the park lately, she runs for it! If there's other kids on it, she waits her turn! *shakes head*

Well today...she got herself up ON it and stood there (slightly rocking) for 7 whole seconds!!! I was dumbfounded and started rethinking her whole career!! Do we have a gymnast on our hands!?!? Every time she'd fall off, she'd turn around and get right back on it!!! One other mom even asked me how old she was and was stunned when I said 15 months! She absolutely LOVED playing on this thing!!! What it must be like to be

I did manage to snap this cute pic today too....its VERY rare for me to get one of the two together...sitting nicely...and smiling even!!!! Sam's grin is cheesy, but still present!!! Not bad for two kids who haven't napped well eh?
OK...I promised myself I'd get off the computer at midnite (NOW!) So I'll end this post...I did NOT crack open Breaking Dawn...nor did I end up reading my other book last nite...I spent way too much time on Farm Town last tonite...I'm going early! Sam slept til 7 this morning and I woke up to her cooing in her sounds to wake up to EVER!!! So much better than crying!
Til next time...ciao!
P.S...I finished the slippers for I'll take pix tomorrow and post them once they're felted! I can't wait!!!


  1. she did really well on that rolly thing! How long has she been walking? Isla still working on stairs and if I saw her on something like that I'd prob. have a cardiac!!

  2. Have I told you lately how much I admire you? You keep it together, suck up your disappointments, spend so much time with the kids doing fun & not so fun things. You are my role model as a mother, wife, daughter. Hugs, Fiona

  3. Heather...she started walking at 10.5 months!!! Both of mine were early walkers! My heart stuttered a bit watching her...the first time...after that I knew she had the hang of it!'re too kind! Howie's fave saying is "it is what it is" and we can't do anything to change I go with the flow! And know just how precious each of my kids are!!!


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