Friday, June 5, 2009

Who Do I Speak To

About the fact that when you use a coupon IT DOESN'T COME OFF THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT UNTIL AFTER THE TAX!!??!?!?!?!!? Man, am I miffed about that!?!?!?! Seriously...who do I write a nasty little letter to!?!?!! grrrrrrrrrrrr hear me ROAR!!! that out of my system! Today was a fabulous day!!! This morning after my dad's little temper tantrum, we took off for the Farmer's Market to get some fresh goodies! The one dessert place wasn't there (they had the BEST Apple Dumplings!! and Date Squares!!!) but everyone else was open for business! After that we hit up Zellers to get diapers and wipes. Didn't want to do the Costco run for it as it could very well be that I'm only here for another 3 weeks, so why buy bulk to have to lug it home!?! While at Zellers...we happened on their clearance sale, buy one get one free! Can't beat that with a stick!?!? So we looked around at their various racks of clothing and found their Olympic stuff all on sale! SCORE!!!!!!! I did some Christmas shopping!! This just might be the earliest I've ever started!! I did GOOD!

After our shopping, we headed home for lunch, quickly too, because we had an afternoon date with my g/f Dee! I haven't seen her in about 6 mos!! She lives about 45 mins away, but since she returned to work in January after her mat leave, she's been hard to nail down!! (she screams a lot too when I try...) But today worked out perfectly!!! She's the one who takes such GOOD pix of my kids!! She did the one on my profile on Facebook! With DJ turning 3 and SamSam almost 15 mos, I thought it would be good to get some brother/sister pix. And to make it even MORE cute, they wore their Hawaiian outfits! SOOOOOO cute!! I can't wait to see the pix she took! If I could upload them from my camera to the PC, you'd already be seeing a bunch of them!! LOL (She wouldn't let me use my phone camera either...she's a bit of a camera snob! lol)
After leaving her house, we hit up Michael's for the cupcake decorations that are Cars themed...and then home! I could not for the life of me keep the kids they both slept for a half hour in the truck. DJ was positively MISERABLE to wake up!! Sam was just mad at me. Got thru dinner, and bath and then bed.
Once they were sleeping I made the cupcakes and folded laundry and wrapped DJ's presents (hid them too!). Such an exciting Friday nite! Howie's all packed up and ready to fly here!!! We're more than ready to have him here too!

The book I started last nite...too early to tell, but so far it's an easy read!

Til next time...ciao!

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