Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Mr Postman Look and See

If there's a letter in your bag for me....I wasn't expecting anything today...but it sure would have been nice!! The way I figure it....we should be getting a knock on the door about 9:30ish (that's when the mail's delivered here) with our wonderful post person (not sure male/female) and a rather large envelope (12x15) in their hand with my name on it! THEN we can start the happy dance my dad's become so very fond of since last Thursday!! He's even taught it to DJ!!! Yeah, he's not excited at all!!!!

Today's plans were once again foiled by the rains!!! Yesterday we'd planned on going to the beach with my sister and her crew, but the rains got us...and today it was supposed to get to 82 (it did!!!) and I was gonna take the kids to the water park, but the rains got us! To be fair tho, the thunder and lightning is what got us more!!! DJ was loving it!! They just kept rolling in one after the other!!! So instead we went shopping!!!!! For paint!?!?!!? Yeah, sister had run out of paint for the mile long fence she's painting here at my parents we met up with her there and gave her the paint my mom had just bought...she also got me those beer can chicken grillers just like hers!!! Then we went to Canadian Tire for a paper towel holder...just like my mom's! It's awesome!!! Only lets you take ONE piece of paper towel off in one grab!!! So if you're in a hurry, and just need one sheet...this is your ticket!!! Then we dropped by the consignment shop I use for the kids clothes and got rid of all the clothes and the two potty chairs...they won't take winter outfits til my mom will take it then. Then the Beer Store to take back all the empties from Howie's visits...hey, I got back my gas money!!! LOL Then the gas station to get some Olympic glasses for my g/f Jackie (and me too!!) and then home!

Somewhere in there, SamSam decided to snooze...she was doing SO well, and then just crashed! YUCK! I hate car naps!!! So we did lunch and G'ma won the nap lottery!! DJ wanted her to nap with him instead of me...wahhhh!!!! Samantha didn't mind that one bit! She happily played at my feet while I surfed! When DJ and G'ma got up, we surfed some more and got her a one way flight home from SEA on the 11th. She's gotta work on the 13th, so it's time sensitive!
Then we went shopping again to a grocery store, but on our way there dropped my truck off to get an oil change for the trip and to find out WHY it's making the racing car noise it does when it hits 90 kph!! NOT cool! During this lovely short trip Samantha decided again to nap!!! GRRRRRRR So I sat out in the truck with her and she got a half hour nap! Which made her tolerable for the dinner hour!

Tonite was peaceful and and dad went out visiting and it was just me and the kiddos! They had a balloon so it was perfect! I worked on thank you notes from DJ's birthday party....they're all done now, just waiting on pictures to put in them! I also knit up another hat! This one is brown with pink stripes...LOVE it!!!! Tomorrow I'll do a pink one with brown stripes. Gee, anyone I know having a little girl?!?!?

And now, its bed time...or rather, date time with a certain vampire family....hahaha

Til next time...ciao!


  1. My OH wants to know how peopel can live in Seattle - apparently traffic is bad? I don't know, it rains alot so I thought being Irish he would like it there!!

    Anyways, looks like your packing away the nickles for the trip home - maybe have the kids scour the ditches for beer bottles and you'll have some more $$ to bring home... When do you leave?

  2. Its REALLY easy to live in Seattle!!! The rains are a fine mist most of the times...and I don't melt in rain! HAHAHA I love the mountain views and being so close to the ocean!

    I'm LOL'ing at your beer bottle comment...if we didn't live in the country...I'd SO be doing that!!!


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