Thursday, June 18, 2009

I had a date tonite

With one of the most handsomest male I've seen in a long time....and he's only 3!!!!
Yup DJ and I had a date!!! I'd seen a sign on our way to the park at one of the local schools that they were having an end of year Fun Fair. The other day on our way home from the park I stopped to get more info from the poster in the window. It was for tonite from 6:30 to 8 pm. KOOL!! So my mom watched Samantha and DJ and I took off for a place unknown! We got there and there was a firetruck parked right in the front...but DJ didn't want to have anything to do with it...he's spied a off we went to get tickets so we could play the games. He was SO excited!! They had basketball throws, soccer kicks, hockey shooting, fishing, bean bag toss, face painting (he declined) and all other kinds of non sport activities (he wasn't interested) for the kids to do. It was quite crowded too! So we got our tix and walked around to see what all there was...did the bean toss, and he got 2 out of 3 in!! I was impressed!! lol Then we did the basketball throws and he got a little help from the girls running the stand and got 2 out of 4 in. Then we did the fishing thing...and without my help (I kid you not!) he was able to fish for 3 of the same coloured fish in the kiddie pool...TWICE!!! Then we did the hockey shooting thing...and the guy running it was impressed! DJ had a hard time giving up the hockey stick Then we did the soccer thing twice and he had fun kicking it to some big kid. Got lots of high fives from everyone around him. Then we got some popcorn (one of his 'prizes') and cashed in our remaining tickets for useless junk! On our way out he wanted to stop and climb in the fire truck!He didn't look around or be curious about much...just sat in the truck and let me take his pic...then climbed out! lol Then we went home and he went to bed! Sam missed us! She giggled when we came in the door, got down off my mom's lap and met us at the top of the stairs gate! BIG smiles!! DJ rambled on about his time at the fair and his date with Mum! all the while getting put in his pj's! SO cute!!!

I felted SamSam's slippers today....these are the before pix... I got smart this time and put the up against a measuring tape to show the size before and after! They didn't shrink down near as much as I thought they would...but these were done with a soy based wool...not pure that might have been my own fault there. Instead of her growing into them by this'll be fall of 2012!!! In any case...they're still super cute!!!

And on the knitting note...I finally made the straps for a purse I made my sister (made the purse 2 maybe 3 years ago but didn't like the straps I originally had with it so cut them off) and here's the finished pic. I took one of her too, but I can't seem to rotate it for the she'll be happy she's not being featured...yet! lol I do need to learn how to add a liner to it to protect the purse of these days....

OK...I'm much later tonite than normal, I had a GREAT nap with DJ this much so in fact that I didn't want to wake up! Apparently Sam thought the same as I had to wake her!!! LOVE those kinds of naps!!!!!

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding...a BIG family affair!!! I'll blog tho, no worries! LOL
Oh and it's officially been one week now since THE interview...and no news! Like I told a g/f online...the world will know one way or another!!!
Til next time...ciao!

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