Monday, June 22, 2009

What do YOU call them!?!?!

Fireflies or Lightning Bugs!?!?! Whatever they are...they sure are freaky to watch!!! I've taken to chatting with Howie outside on the deck at nite...the star gazing is phenomenal...but the fire flies...they're just bizarre!! In fact the first time I saw one, I really wasn't sure what I was was darting here and there...then tonite as I was chatting with him I saw two...they were playing tricks on to my left and one to my at odd times...peripherally, I had them beat tho! LOL No shooting stars tonite...of course I was too focused on the bugs...and no mail today either! BOOOOOO!!!!!

We sure did have some heat tho!! Man it was HOT! truck said 87 on our way to the water park...oh yeah, we went!!! I even put my suit on just in case I felt the sudden need for some freezing cold water on my body...didn't happen, but it was nice just the same. Samantha is the bravest baby there...she was clear across the other side of the sprinklers enjoying the big kid ones! And of course testing my patience and her boundaries! It never seems to fail...I've always got people commenting on how mobile she is (they ask her age) or how cute she is...I most certainly agree...but I'm a wee bit biased!

We finally put the a/c on in the house...thank God for the one who invented central air!!! Almost immediately it was felt throughout the house! It had gotten up to 85 over nite IN the house!!! Today there was NO breeze whatsoever, so it was nice to have the cool on the skin...and all the ceiling fans are going!

I finished up my g/f Jackie's hat...she didn't want a pom pom on it..LOL I just hope it fits her!!! Once I figured out the ribbing (thank you Laura) it was all easy knitting!!! I've now got the cutest pattern for a dress for Samantha....we'll see...

I'm now 3/4's of the way thru that book...I'm quite anxious to finish it as I know Edward and Bella are waiting for me!!! Samantha had another miserable nite last nite...this time waking at 3, 6 and 7...blech! I woke up with my back spasming from sleeping wrong! Thank you God for the one who invented medicine that targets the back muscles!!! lol

Past my witching hour...keep praying we hear news this week and that the news is GOOD!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I've been thinking of you and I hope it goes well. I'm sure feel the same way, but I am so fed up with the miserable American Immigration system... Do they really think you're a threat? gimme a break... I hope you hear this week - it must be a long wait for all of you (especially your parents ;-))

  2. Thanks Heather!!! Its been a horrendously long wait!!! To have waited 6 years already, this 2 week wait should be nothing...but it ALL hinges on "the letter" and I hate that!!! I'm trying to keep busy, but when I wake up, its all I think about til the mailbox gets checked! Thankfully we get mail early here!!! whew!


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