Monday, June 1, 2009

THE physical (NMM incl)

While waiting in the Dr's office for my intense physical, I did not pop a Halls candy in my mouth to get rid of the strawberry yogurt taste from breakfast! It wasn't my best Also, while at said Dr's office, I did not feel the urge to cough and make everyone nervous...I'm so mean!!! Don't worry, I behaved myself!
Oh and at the receptionist's desk, I did not look like a senior citizen when I put my ear up to the hole thingy to hear what she said to me...pretty sad, but the whole area was glass enclosed!

OK, that's enough of the Not Me's that I've learned from MckMama...on to bidness!!! Yes, THE physical was this morning. After camping out on my sister's couch, I totally slept thru my alarm on my phone. It took my SIL shaking my awake before I heard it. Not bad...5 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!! I'll take it! I groggily made my way to the bathroom where I spruced up my hair, put my contacts in and got dressed. Drank down my protein shake and had a strawberry yogurt....and Kim graciously offered to drop me off at the Dr's office.

I got there for 7:10 am...walk in the entrance and BAM the office is right there! I look around and think "oh goody, I'm first!" The very first thing I'm to do is "wash" my hands with hand sanitizer mounted on the wall in front of me. Then I hand her my interview letter stating that yes, I am to be there for a physical. She then sends me to the waiting area....where there's a TONNE of people waiting...d'oh! I counted 14 other people there besides me. Some still half asleep! and more coming in behind me. So I grabbed the first chair, and started twittering....what else am I gonna do?! lol

About 8:10 my name gets called....I follow the gal and she takes all my info, makes sure I have everything, prints up a bunch of labels and takes my money!! (275 for this visit) Then sends me to wait in the hallway for a chest X-ray. As I'm waiting, there's a gentleman across from me and we get to chatting...he's also trying to get a visa for the U.S....and this is his second time in his life. He had one 2o years ago and then came back to Canada, and is now applying again. So I basically interviewed him! Come to find out that yes, I DO need a pre-paid envelope for them to mail the visa to me...and yes, it WILL cost more money (400 US) when I go for the, it's NOT a personal interview...picture a jail cell conversation...a partition of glass between us, with a slot cut into the bottom for passing documents. YIKES!!!
He also told me that when we get there (and DO get there early), take as little as possible as the security is strict, and then you're herded down to the basement to wait...he told me to sit as close to the elevator as possible...then when they open the building (8 am) they'll take us up to the 19th floor where you get in line for the cashier...go there straight away! Once you pay the fee, you get a number....and then you wait, and wait! It could take til 1pm for us to be done depending on how busy it is.
Then it was my turn for the X-ray. Strip the top half of my clothing off to put on a beautiful blue paper gown! CLICK and we're done. Get dressed and take the gown with me....go back to the waiting area....sit down, tweet some more, and my name is called, I follow and am put in an examining room...I was told to get completely undressed and put my gown on and wait. I did...and waited and waited. The room I was in was smaller than some walk in closets I've had!!! There were 6 really CREEPY pictures of butterflies on the wall...a desk, the exam table, and a book shelf in the room. Oh and a sink! The Dr comes in, asks medical history, checks over my vaccination records, checks my throat, my eyes, my breathing, and then focuses on my thyroid. Apparently it's enlarged...which could very well be the reason I'm not losing weight properly (or at all!) and his suggestion was to see my regular GP and get tested. Just so happens I have a physical with her next week!!! I'll be doing just that!!! He even calls in two other Dr's to check it out...huh? They both check and ask me to swallow, and poke at my neck...and agree, it's worth the follow up!

Then he sends in a female Dr to do the breast exam, and downthere test, from which I was exempt (whew!) and on his way out, he says, look at her thyroid. Am I such a novelty!?!?! Maybe it's because I'm Caucasian....who knows! But I will get it checked...dammit! lol

After she's done with her test, she tells me to get dressed while she sorts thru the paper me back my stuff and tells me to go back to the waiting area to be called for blood work. Someone calls my name (wrongly this time) and off I go for the poke in the arm. It was rather quick and not too painful!
I then get sent to reception and told to pick up my results on/after Wednesday...huh? I have to come back?? I wasn't aware of that! I'm hoping my sister will pick it up for me, and bring it with her on Sunday when she comes for DJ's 3rd birthday party!!!

I then walked back to the parking lot near my sister's to get the car and headed home!!! Home by 11 and the kiddos were in great shape! Sam was excited to see me!!! I was hoping she wouldn't be too mad at me for not being there this morning! It's all good! Then it was lunch and naps....and I spent that quality quiet time searching on the internet. We're trying to come up with a back-up-what-if plan! Roughly, it entails me and the bambinos moving to B.C. to be closer to Daddy...but nothing's set in I won't go into details. It's so mind boggling!!! Thought consuming and mentally draining!!!

So, off I go to read....getting to the REALLY REALLY good part of the book...which is too close to the end! And I don't have the next one waiting...whatever am I gonna do??

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Sounds horribly annoying!! I would not want to deal with it all! I wish you the best and hope you get home soon. It seems like you have been up there forever, I am sure it seems like longer to you though. I got ya in my prayers though!

  2. wow that sounds exhausting! hope that your thyroid is checked and fine. glad your sister will be able to help get your results and praying that you guys are able to be here soon!!!



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