Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going to the hair DRESSER

With the emphasis on DRESSER....that's what DJ did this morning!! Man was he over due for it too!!! He's such a little bugger too...he's been SO excited all week to go get his hair cut, and we walk in the salon doors and he starts freaking out! In the end he had no cape on, so he was FULL of hair trimmings...and red gel on his forehead more than his hair. But the end result is this CUTE kid!!! His head looks smaller somehow with the hair cut...Boy does he look older tho with every one!! Man! He got a red lollipop outta the deal, and drew the hair DRESSER a pretty picture for her wall. And Sam really rather enjoyed playing with everything while he was

After nap today we hit the park....and Miss Samantha is becoming more and more independent, and brave! She tries to climb up on things that are too tall for her, or too advanced...she's constantly trying to climb up the stairs to go up on the top where all the big kids access the slides, but with it just being me, and my butt being way too big for the slides, she has to settle for running around. Today alone she got mauled by two kids (one boy pulling her hair, and one girl hugging her from behind) and had one boy who just tagged along with her to make sure she was safe (he must have been 4 or 5) it was really cute! She also graduated to coming down the slide by herself!!! I put her at the top and tell her to wait and she does, giggling the whole time....then I quicklikebunny hop to the end of the slide and wait for her to come down. This is her mid-slide look! Then she stands up on the slide, tries to walk back up it, and looks at me as if to say "why isn't it working? I see all the other kids doing this!" And we repeat the whole thing over!

She's also starting to pick up on the sign language I'm teaching her. She understands more than what she actually signs. So if I sign to her, she gets it, but doesn't get yet, that she can sign it to me and I'll understand her. We're getting there!!!! She fully understands more and does the sign for it quite readily! The best, she'll nod her head yes or shake it no in response to questions. It's amazing!! Especially the concept of yes at this age! Usually it's always NO! lol

I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing up Eclipse tonite...I was up til 2 am last nite thanks to the Mud Pie we at with DJ's kid dinner at Joey's Only....I was WIRED for sound til then! I actually had to force myself to go to sleep then too knowing that Samantha would be up all too soon! And she was! Only this time she chose NOT to go back to she was up for the day at 6:50! blech! I'm still trying to sort out in my head what the sleeping arrangements will be when we go back to WA. The kids are too young to share a room just yet, especially with Sam still waking once...and DJ not actually going to sleep the first time you put him to bed. I have a couple different scenarios in my head, all of which Howie's shot still trying to figure it all out. His response..."Let's move" to my ears as I really don't like the layout of the house we're in! And I'm 1000% sure Howie misses having a garage!!! As do I! And truthfully, the street we're on is just too busy for our active-living the past 8 months in the country kids. So when we get the yes next week at the interview, I'll start looking for a new place to live. (shhhh, don't tell Howie I already started!!)

Til next time...ciao!

P.S...if you have a girl...check out my newest button addition for a blog I follow...all about little girl hair do's...and they're awesome!!!!

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  1. Your kids are adorable - Joshua got his hair cut a few days ago and I agree - it made him suddenly look much older! they grow up so quickly, don't they??



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