Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Its been a while since doing a NotMeMonday that Mckmama started over at her blog! Its a fun time for all!! I'll highlight a few things that have happened over the last month!

Like the fact that I did not let the kids have chocolate chip cookies immediately following breakfast...not much different than toast right?? And I certainly did not let DJ have a candy necklace after breakfast the next not me!!!

Before attending my cousin's wedding on the 19th, we stopped at Cherry Beach, on Lake Ontario in downtown old haunt of my dad's when he was super young. We walked along the beach for a few minutes as they were shooting either a commercial or a movie or something. Then we went to the church for the wedding. As we're sitting in the aisle I realize my super sensitive nose (like this due to my lack of hearing) is smelling poop. Likely dog poop!! So I get everyone in my row (just my fam at this point) to lift up their feet so I can check them...nothing. So I lift up my feet and voila I did not have poop on my shoe! I'm the stinky one!!! I then take off for the bathroom to rid my shoe of the stink! Turns out there's only one bathroom in the church and we got to see the bride before the ceremony!!

These next two are tough for me to admit! As I did not stab myself in the face with a paring knife while putting a piece of cheese in my mouth. Note to self: don't do that again!!

Last but not least! As you know, we go to the park/water park A LOT!! One of these especially hot days we were headed to the park, so I herd DJ into the truck while getting Samantha situated in hers...DJ has a habit of closing the door after getting in...and he was sitting quite nicely in his seat. As I'm sweating getting Samantha in, I decide that we're going to the water park instead. So I run in the house and grab the beach bag and suits and towels and jump in the truck to go. We're about 3 mins from the park when DJ asks "Mom? My seat belt!" And I look back and he's got a hold of the back of the passenger seat ahead of him...fully UNrestrained!!! Only then did I realize I'd forgotten to buckle him in after grabbing the suits!! But I did not do such a terrible thing!! No, not I!!!! And you'd better believe I'm double checking him!!

And this concludes the monthly session of Missy's confessions!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Oh my goodness. I am sorry but I totally laughed athe cheese/paring knife thing but not because I am heartless and cruel but because my family, including myself, does stuff like this ALL the time...

  2. LOL at you stabbing yourself in the sounds like stuff I do!

  3. Missy, if you do try the s'mores in the microwave know that you only put them in for a few seconds!

  4. Wow, I can absolutely see myself stabbing myself in the face like you did. Eee! And there seem to be lots of poop stories in this week's NMM!

  5. I loved picturing the poop on your shoe before the wedding:
    "Hi, excuse me gorgeous bride, could I use the bathroom really quick? I have some stinky poopies to wash of my shoe... thanks."

    Too funny. I'll be back!

  6. So funny! I can {not} totally relate to the carseat thing! My husband and I {did not} put the infant carrier - where there is usually base but not this day - and drive around the block before we realized we didn't buckle the carrier to the seat! Baby girl was secure in her infant seat but infant seat was not secure in the car! Yikes!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today... I will be back to visit :)

    Christine @


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