Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 5 Stages of Grief

I wonder if they apply to us today....let's see...
Stage 1 is Denial....I didn't get that, but in a round about way I guess we did! But I'm sure that's not the denial they mean...
Stage 2 is Anger...oh I think we've got that covered...or rather Howie does. No sense in both of us getting our panties in a bunch!
Stage 3 is Bargaining....and with people like this, there's no use trying to bargain. They'd see it as some sort of admission of non-existent guilt!
Stage 4 is Depression...I think I've got that one covered! The more I think about/talk about it, the more depressing it all sounds!!!
Stage 5 is Acceptance...not quite there yet! I guess we'll have to be there when we know one way or the other, now won't we?

Enough of that...let me brag about my children for a few moments! I'm so incredibly PROUD of how well they did on the 14 hours of driving we did! The way there, we left at 10 am...potty breaked around noonish....then again around 3 ish....and arrived at our final destination for 5:30. So for a 3 year old to go 7 hours with only 2 pee breaks is pretty darn good! SamSam struggled a bit on the second break, but that was cuz Daddy took her out of her car seat and she did NOT want back in! Made for a rough few minutes til I got situated in the back and handed her a timbit. Once we got to my g/f's house in MTL we were given a choice to go with them to her oldest son's soccer game (next to a park) or stay behind and walk to the park 3 mins away. We chose to go watch the game and then go out for dinner after. DJ had a snack with her boys before the game, but Sam didn't so she started getting REALLY fussy about 7pm for something to eat. So we snuck back to the truck and had some goldfish while Daddy tended to DJ. Then we all went out to Boston Pizza for dinner. Went back to the house and set up camp. We did the divide and conquer strategy for bed time...Daddy got DJ and I got Samantha....they were both out like lights almost simultaneously! And the spent their first nite in the same room together!
DJ got to use his new sleeping bag that he got as a gift for his birthday...and LOVED it!! Of course, by morning he was completely out of it (it was on the floor) but he did, however, stay ON the REAL bedwithnorail!!! Not bad...not bad at all!

Neither child was mad at us for waking them at such an ungodly hour!!! 5:45 is NO fun for anyone, let alone two toddlers!!! In fact, Sam was already up and talking to herself (the room they were in was right off the bathroom) so she was easy! And DJ just wanted to be hugged before fully waking up...I did that! We were out the door at 6 am! That was our goal! My phone said it would take a half hour to get there...but it didn't account for all the lights we ones that is! So we arrived at 6:45 ish and tried to find parking...didn't want to do the metered stuff as we knew that re-entering wasn't a possibility. And since we'd driven right by the door to enter we knew that there was no one else there. We took the time then to feed the kids in the truck. Then the waiting inside the embassy...they were a source of entertainment for most people waiting. I know this because of the smiles! And DJ made a friend in a girl named Celia...he wanted to leave with her when they left....

As soon as we were done, we took off to our g/f's house to pick up our stuff....DJ fell asleep then and had a GOOD long nap! We took off just before noon and didn't bother stopping for lunch right away...especially with DJ sleeping....and we'd had a mid morning snack of timbits. (I'm such a terrible mother!!!) We stopped once we got back into Ontario tho because we needed gas...and it was 10 cents, if not more, cheaper than Quebec! So we got McPuke's for lunch...the kids liked that! *rolls eyes*

About 10 mins later DJ informs us he HAS to poop!!!! So we take the next exit and find a place with Tims in it and hit the toilets. And man did he ever (I know, it makes such blogworthy news!!) Back in the truck and back on the road we go! Not stopping again til Bellville where Howie actually let me drive for an hour!!! I was SHOCKED!!!!!! LOL Then we switched somewhere in Oshawa at another McPuke's so Howie could get back in control. Finally arriving back home at exactly 7 pm! Boy were they anxious to get out of the truck!!! Thankfully my mom had a nice dinner for us...she'd arrived at the same time as us with the food!!

Bed time was a little later than normal to let the food digest...and hopefully they'll sleep in a wee bit tomorrow! In any case, Howie's already gone to fact, everyone is in bed but now its my I type this with one eye contacts are SO dry!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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