Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We had a play date!!

With a dear friend of mine who's agreed (willingly) to watch BOTH my kids this Friday while I attend my cousin's wedding. Thanks to Facebook I was able to advertise for a babysitter and my old high school friend, Mary, offered to take both. So today we had a meet and greet of the kids...she has 2, Meaghan who's 4, and Jackson who's 2....they all did fabulous!!!! It was nice to see Mary too!!! It's been about 7 years since I last saw her...maybe 8 now that I think about it. But I swear she still looks like she should be in high school!!! She said the same thing about me (I think she was just being nice...lol) and then we sat and got caught up while the kids played. She offered us lunch and then we took off as I was hoping to avoid Samantha having ANOTHER nap in the truck....I failed! So she slept on the way to Cambridge, and then on the way back...and was done with the whole napping thing. I did leave her in the truck tho when we got home so as to let her get the most sleep possible, when hunched over in a car seat that is. My sister was outside, so when Sam woke up, she was brought right in....I was trying to get Mr DJ to take a nap...took all of 5 mins to get him asleep! How I wish it was that easy for me...altho, some nites it is! I barely get thru my own prayers and I'm gone!

After nap time, we got changed (they, really, not we...) into our swimsuits to head to the water park. It was a balmy 82 out and I figured the problems from Sunday HAD to have been cleared up....boy was I wrong! We arrived to a splash pad that was wet from recent water flow...but the flow was no more. So we hit up the small creative behind the parks shed til it came back on. Luckily for us it wasn't too long...and they were off running into the water. Today, SamSam literally took a shower in one of the sprinklers...she just loves running thru it now!! Everyone's amazed at how mobile she is! (I'm not! She has to run away from DJ all the time!!!) There was one little girl there who was the same age as Sam, and she's not even walking yet!!! OH if I could have been so lucky.....lol

Came home and had a BTN dinner (Better Than Nothing) as in left overs...I was feeling incredibly lazy!! We did make some room in the fridge for the new things my parents brought home from their shopping excursion....so it worked out well I'd say!

I haven't taken pix of the slippers yet....nor have I felted them....but I did get started on my g/f Jackie's hat that she requested! I can't NOT have anything on the go!!! That would just be wrong! lol Of course, all I got done tonite was casting it on....no real stitches knit just yet...tomorrow tho!

I didn't get much reading done last nite as Sam woke up screaming bloody murder...I think she sat up in her sleep...and when she did that, she banged her head on the crib slats...which in turn scared the crap outta her!!! It took me 15 mins just to get her to calm down! So she got a special nite and slept with me! Right up against me! Body heat and all!!! Woke up nursing her and have no remembrance of her asking....ya! She likes those kinds of mornings, cuz God knows how long I've been her pacifier....

Til next time...ciao!

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