Friday, June 19, 2009

Here comes the bride

All dressed in white!!! And now she's a new member of my extended family!! My cousin Luke got married today, in high style too, I tell ya!! The wedding took place downtown Toronto, at the church he was baptized in as a babe!! Which also happened to be across the street from the restaurant that my grandfather started waybackintheday! So my dad had a great trip down Memory Lane! And truth be told, it was fascinating to see!!! I'd heard all about it, but never seen I enjoyed watching his enthusiasm!
I digress...the wedding itself was the longest wedding I've been to ever!! And punctual too! It actually started right at 4pm!! We finally got out of the church around 5! It was also the sweetest wedding I've been to! You could tell how serious both of them were while saying their vows and exchanging their rings. It was just precious!
On our way to the reception we stopped at a dollarama to get a gift bag and card...let me tell you, this is where the crazees shop!!! There were two uniformed guards in Kevlar with guns keeping the place in order...I was a little intimidated to say the least!
The reception was held at Ontario Place the most gorgeously decorated ball room. We were first directed to a mezzanine above the ballroom that had an open bar...I did in fact indulge! But only 1 and a half drinks...haven't had a good Caesar like that in a LONG time!! We had several waiters walking around with trays and trays of canapes and appetizers. Quite delish on our empty tummies!!!
We were finally allowed downstairs to our designated tables...I sat with my mom, dad, sister Tori, sister Joanne, SIL Kim, brother John and SIL Debbie....with two empty spots where my other brother and his wife were to be. The buns were brought the table and I swear EVERY table dived for the bread baskets just to put some food in their stomachs to soak up the spirits! Then the first course was served...a lovely salad with a Greek vinaigrette dressing. All the while speeches are being given....very funny and touching speeches I might add! Then the main course was dispersed...grilled Cornish hen, with a goat cheese demi, and grilled veggies. For dessert we had Dulce caramel or 7 layer chocolate cake...I chose the caramel cheesecake!! It was VERY good!

THE neatest thing about this reception....was there were no party favours....a donation was made on our behalf in lieu of favours to either the Heart & Stroke Foundation or the Cancer sweet!!! Then.....there was a candy bar!!! The first time I walked by it I thought it was one of those "guessing" games...where you guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar. Then upon further investigation....each jar was labeled with what was in the jar....and there were little baggies for you to fill up. How awesome was that!?!?! I literally felt like a kid in the candy store!!!! It appealed to everyone, young and old!!! Who doesn't like candy!?!?!! lol

We left just before 10 as I was really wanting to get home to the kids....they finally settled for Mary just after 9 pm...Samantha was extremely clingy and DJ was just wound up! And here we are...just about midnite-thirty and I still have to take my party face off!

Til next time...ciao!!!


  1. Hey Missy,

    It's Adreen. Was the brides name Kelly? I work with a Kelly at Canadian Tire home office in TO and she was getting married yesterday at the Atlantis. Small world if it is!

  2. Indeed it is the one and the same!!! What a small world!!!
    I tell you the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! It would have been even more freaky if you'd been in attendance to the wedding LOL


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