Tuesday, June 2, 2009

15 years is a LONG time

To go without contact with a friend!!! I'm very fortunate that I've managed to recreate several of my friendships that I thought were long lost! Case in point...today we had a play date with a dear friend of mine from church waybackwhen! It's been 15 years since we last had seen each other...life just got in the way. She got married and was on kid number 2, and I was just starting to show signs of Independence!!! Our lives were very different at that point in time! Fast forward to two weeks ago when I found her online at Facebook, and it's like those 15 years just evaporated! We chatted via messages and it turns out she lives in the same town I'm currently in!! NO WAY! She also has kids that are very close to my kids' ages....and has 8 (EIGHT) of them!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather!
So we set up a play date at the park that we just love going to, for today!

OH it was so good to see her!!! I swear, she still looks 18!!!! It's just unreal! And DAMN she looks good for having had 8 kids!!!! And honestly....her kids were ANGELS all morning!!! Meanwhile, mine are throwing tantrums, and running off on me!! HA! Granted, she's had way more experience than me...and her kids were watching out for each other, which REALLY helps!!! It was simply amazing too, to see how each child resembles each other, yet in their own way you can see how this one favours dad, or mom, or even the grandparents!! It's just more evident when you have 5 siblings together in one place!
We'll definitely be getting together again since it was such an easy time with all the kids together, DJ had a blast playing in the sand with 3 of her kids, and SamSam was smitten (as was he) with her youngest son who's 18 mos old. It was just adorable! I think next time I'll suggest a picnic lunch....

In other news....I had an epiphany of sorts....the fee of 400 US for the visa...I think we've already paid that!! Gonna send off an email to get confirmation, but it would definitely be a huge weight off my shoulders if we didn't have to come up with it AGAIN! Plus, none, and I do mean NONE of my paperwork says we need to have that money with us. The gal who sat beside me yesterday, her paperwork clearly said to bring that amount...and it was in bold print so you wouldn't miss it.

I'm getting super excited for Howie to come on Saturday!!! 4 more sleeps!! And then DJ's birthday is the day after that!! He's VERY excited about it all!! I have to get out and get decorations!!! And get him in for a haircut...figure out when to get his pictures taken...and the list goes on!! LOL Now, tho, I'm off to bed!!

Til next time...ciao!

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