Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just so you know

I typically struggle to come up with "titles" to each day's post...I think about it from nap time on...most times inspiration hits me when I sit down to do each post, but sometimes the idea comes to me throughout the day (be it something I've seen, heard, done...) and most times, the ideas leave me as quickly as they come to me...if I don't write it down, it's GONE!!!! So tonite you have the lame title as the funny/quirky ones disappeared!!!!

Today started of 7 instead of 6!!! Imagine that!! She DOES know how to sleep!!! lol DJ got up about 7:15 or so, and came in to snuggle with us...Sam heard him open the door and "called out" to him with a grunt! He came! So cute!!!

It was a grey and dreary day with promises of we had no plans! We hung out and did the cartoon thing...something they haven't done in a while so I don't feel bad for letting their minds rot for two hours...and truth be told...they're usually too busy with other things to pay attention to the show that's on. If there's music...Sam's watching it! If there's tools or animals...DJ's watching it!

At lunch, Samantha decided the high chair was as comfy as her crib...poor girl!!! With us talking at the table she didn't flinch one bit!!! Don't worry, I didn't leave her there for long....after taking this picture she startled awake and I took her out and put her to sleep in her bed!
Speaking of beds...I sold her old one! The co-sleeper that I absolutely LOVED!!!!! I was sad/happy to see it go!
After short naps all around....I gave the kids a bath...quite unusual for this time of day, but DJ had an appt for pictures at walmart and I wanted him clean... Didn't' seem to matter to him as 30 seconds after we left the house, he fell in the gravel and got all muckied up thanks to the back in the house we went to get cleaned off! The photographer we had was not as creative as we've had in the past...but DJ was on the ball today!!! His smiles were HILARIOUS!!! And man does he ever look like Jack Nicholson! (I promise you, no relation! altho if there were, he could help me get that elusive visa!!!) In the end I chose the package promotion of an up close facial can kindasorta see the soccer ball he's holding...and then did 2 5x7's of him in his other outfit (yes, I'm one of THOSE moms!) holding the Daddy will LOVE that one!!
Dinner tonite...was spectacular!! I will fully admit I was more than skeptical about the method my mom chose to cook the chickens...but it was TASTY!!!!! It was beer roasted chicken...doesn't sound that appetizing does it? But the thing of it put a half can of beer in the middle of this contraption that the chicken is sitting on, and it provides necessary steam to keep the chicken moist. Much like this one, but by a different can use it in the oven or the BBQ! Its on my list of what I want to buy before heading home!!!! YUM!
It's now after I'm sending myself to bed as no one else is awake to do it for me! hahaha Remember those days!?!? Being told to go to bed for your own good, but not understanding that it really was! ahhh the life! Now I'M the one sending kids to bed....go figure! I finally get it and the lesson is lost on me....
Til next time...ciao!

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