Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think...

I might just be done packing!!! Other than the necessities we'll be using/needing over the next 4 days, I'm all done!! It took me 5 weeks last year to decide what to pack and here I'm done in 2 days and 12 boxes!?!?!? OH and just for clarification...I'll be driving the Dodge Durango with lots of room in the need to tie my mom and the kids to the roof (I'd have to take turns if that was the case!) and I should have plenty of room for the boxes and DJ's bed...easy!!! I really did send a lot home with Howie over his trips! And thankfully I took the time when I was there in May to put that stuff you KNOW he didn't!!! As I'm packing DJ's jumping on the bed telling me I'm packing....he's such a stater of the obvious these days!!!

That was the morning...packing...and going from room to room to see where I've spread out and gather it back up to pack it. Not too bad!

After lunch came naps...and while everyone napped I not on water (that'd be on you tube if I ever try that!!) We're actively looking for a new house to rent....the one we're in now has some potential we want to find a place in our own time instead of being put to the gun and finding a place right away. Without going into detail...the owner may need to live in the house....and since we're on month to month, we'd be stuck. Plus, the sleeping arrangements in this house aren't working out too well...and it's on a busy street....and and and...lots of "ands" on my list! So I'm checking craigslist daily (and we have friends keeping their eyes open) and Howie's driving by the houses I send him ads of and checking them out. So far we're at a big fat zero!!! There was one that he saw for rent again that we'd looked at last year, but it was out of our price range...turns out they've lowered it and would love for us to take it...but it's smaller than the one we're in no go!

After naps, we met up with my dad and went to Costco....I've made a list (and checking it twice) of stuff I KNOW I want with me from Canada, as it'll be a while before I can get back, even up to B.C. to get stuff. Grocery stuffs and a couple other things. Had a snack of poutine at the restaurant thingy in that tided us over to continue shopping...and we hit up Shoppers Drug Mart before dropping my dad off to his car, and heading home. Late dinner meant late baths, which meant late bed times...but it was all good.

I took pix of the jacket and hat...Samantha really wasn't in the mood to be a model today! So, the hand you see holding her in place is my mom's! The moment I got done taking pix she shrugged
the jacket off! And then the hat came off! What a kid!!! I still am trying to figure out what way I want the jacket to fasten closed...a zipper isn't the smartest way to go with the fun fur so close to the edge...and I didn't make button holes....we'll see!
Off to read my book...going to bed super early tonite!!!!!!!! YAY me!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. You know what you need to take from Canada - Sudocream!! It's a diaper cream from the UK and works amazingly... I'm upset I can't get it here and if I knew that I would've stocked up on it the last time we were home... just a suggestion. Walmart sells it in the baby section, obviously...
    I'm jealous you know what's going with your life!! LOL

  2. Never heard of Sudocream!!!! I'm quite partial to Albertsons brand of zinc cream!! It's got 40% zinc in it and works wonders!!!

  3. I'll have to try it in the meantime then - I use the Budreaus Butt Paste but it's not that great, there is always a bit of redness and it must be uncomfortable for her...

  4. I wasn't fond of that one either!!! All the hype wasn't worth it! But the Albertsons GOOD!!! Works wonders quickly on little butts around here!


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