Thursday, June 4, 2009

Those Suhhhummer Niiiiights

Yeah, I'm singing Grease tonite! LOL What a beautiful day here!! It was a balmy 71 with no while it was warm, it wasn't hot! Or unbearably HOT like it is/was in WA!!! SeaTac reported a record 90 degrees today! Man, I wish I was sittin in it too!! I like that kinda weather! Not so much fun to sleep in, but I do enjoy the heat.

This morning we headed to the 88 cent depot to get decorations for DJ's upcoming birthday party. While they don't have Nascar themed streamers (that WOULD have been perfect) or Cars themed streamers (even MORE perfect) I did get red, black and white. As well as some cake plates that have "Light McQueen" on them. He's getting more and more excited for this festive occasion! He even picked out his own wrapping paper!!!

After a much needed nap, I got up a few minutes earlier than DJ (Sam was chattering away in her crib) and grabbed a much needed shower! Then we got ourselves ready to hit the water park. Its been about a week (if not more) since we last frolicked in the sprinklers. DJ was just bursting with energy to go too!! Samantha even ventured into the water more today! Stepping into the baby sprinklers instead of just dipping her hands in. Like I said, it wasn't hot, so we didn't stay too long before the kids were chilled. Dried them off and headed up to the regular park. DJ was instantly followed by a little girl who was bout 5 maybe 6, and she just did whatever he did. It was cute to watch. Then she got caught up in something her friends were doing and left him alone. Next thing I know, he's got ANOTHER follower! And this one's not letting him go! They wandered over to the big kid swings and she was going to push him, but I stopped that....brought him over to the baby swings and she pushed him there. Her name was Allison and she's 7! It was funny to see DJ being so quiet with her! Normally he's "roaring" in kids faces as a greeting, but with her, she did all the talking. He was quite willing to follow her back to the slides, but I decided it was time to go and get dinner going. So we took off for home.

After dinner I made some oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies...don't be too impressed, it was with Betty's help that I accomplished this! Then I started SamSam's felted slippers!! I'm so excited to have gotten these on the needles tonite! I haven't knit in a few nites as there's really been nothing on TV to watch! Tonite I was home alone, so it was what I wanted to watch on TV and therefore the knitting needles just jumped in my hands!! lol

I finished Eclipse last nite...and I have to tell you, I was actually in tears reading the last chapter!!! Who knew vampires and werewolves would get to me! I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn, but will have to do just that til I can borrow it from a friend....who lives in WA! She and I have a movie date to watch her copy of Twilight too!!! (Yes, I still haven't seen it! LOL)
So, what's on my night table you ask? I Gave You My Heart, but You SOLD It Online by Dixie Cash. It looks good!!! My BFF Laura gave it to me last month when we had dinner with her and her family. She liked it! And I need a bit of a vampire break....I'll let ya know how it reads!!

Til next time...ciao!

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