Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today Did NOT feel like Sunday

At all to me!! Felt like Saturday....but then again, the whole week Howie was here...every day felt like Saturday!!! So today I got to get up with the early bird...aka Samantha! She was up the first time at 6 and then again at 7...but I managed to keep her in bed with me til 7:30...that IS what cell phones are for...right? DJ didn't get up til just after 8....which totally shocked me! It was nice tho to sit with SamSam in the chair and just snuggle with her.

After breakfast I decided to take the kids to Walmart for a couple reasons...#1 I need to print off some pix from the disc that my g/f gave me of our little photo shoot on the 5th...and from my camera of Maui for the photo album I bought there. And #2 I wanted to get DJ a new hat...he doesn't have one as we lost is somewhere....and I don't want him to get out of the habit of wearing one as it does protect his head.
So the three of us took off for shopping pastures....the place was PACKED for it being 10:30 on a Sunday morning!!! I should have taken cue from that and gone home! But we found a parking spot and headed in. Did the picture thing right away as I knew I could easily kill and hour in the store walking around. Done!
Once the pix were picked out and decided on I took my receipt and went shopping. We didn't find any hats in the baby section for DJ at all!! LOTS of really super cute ones for SamSam, but that was my goal! Today we wanted to spend some of Grandpa Hughes' birthday money that he sent. My other thing to find for him was new pajama's like the ones my sister gave him for his birthday...they had NONE in his size at all!! I was soooooo disappointed! What we did find tho more than made up for the lack of pj's!!! We found hats!!! And not just any hats!!! We found hats that fit DJ!!! And the one an only hat the wanted...we got!!! It's a "Light McQueen" hat!!! I had to beg him to take it off to pay for it!!! lol I also got him a fisherman's type hat for at the water park....nothing special! Then something that struck my fancy we got him too....and apparently it struck his quite well....a battery powered tooth brush! Who knew that it would get him to WANT to brush his teeth!?!?!? Colour me SHOCKED!!! He actually asked to brush his teeth after lunch! I obliged (it's not gonna hurt!) and off we went to the bathroom....well playing with it to make it work and making it work IN the mouth are two different things. He all of a sudden was scared of I took control and told him I was gonna tickle his teeth...he thought that was funny...but it worked!!! By golly, it actually worked!!! Even tonite after his bath he asked to brush his teeth...WOOT!!!

As we're in line to check out at son starts being his normal grabby/bratty self!! And Sam starting getting bored with it all and whining....ugh! Checked out as soon as I could...quickly popped over to the portrait studio to make an appt for DJ's 3 year pix (as I know my FIL is going to start bugging for his 3 yr pic for his wall!!) so that's on Wednesday. Then I head back over to the photo center to pick up and pay for my pix....she takes my two receipts and starts writing up an envelope...huh? She hands me the top tab and says they'll be ready in an hour....HUH?? I ask her why that is when I did the whole thing an hour prior...she says in a snotty voice "It says on the receipt you have to bring it up so we can process them" At which point I look at her and say "There really should be a sign to that affect as I'm kinda busy with their (pointing at perfectly timed noisy kids!!) goings on to read the fine print on some stupid receipt. Fine! I'll have to come back for them another day. Thanks for your help" and we stormed outta there. Ok, storm might be to strong a word as DJ's shoes (which he'd kicked off the moment we entered the store) decided at that point to fall off the bottom rack of the buggy one by one....thus negating my storm motions! grrrrrrrrrr

After taking a short nap with DJ (I needed it!) I grabbed shower and once both kids were up (during my shower) we took off for the water park as it was quite warm!! They had fun! Just as we were leaving they shut the whole thing down to work on the good timing on our part.

Now I'm taking my starving self to bed (I'm fasting for blood work tomorrow) and gonna read Breaking Dawn...that's right...I broke down and bought it today at Walmart...I just couldn't handle it anymore!! I'm trying to decide whether I really want to read it...or finish the one on the night table that I'm almost half done....decisions, decisions!!

Til next time...ciao!

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