Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mummy, my sick hurts

That's what DJ told me when he got into my bed this morning to snuggle. So I asked him what his "sick" was and it was his throat...he's had a chesty cough for a couple days, and no other symptoms....so we're just waiting it out. I'm not so much a drug giving mom....I'd like his body to fight whatever he has naturally....that's just me!

So...today was a bit screwy...and all my fault (I hate when that happens!!) in that I thought my appt for my ultrasound (u/s) was for this morning...so I fasted from last nite til this morning...drank 32 ounces of water in about 5 mins flat....met up with my sister so she could watch the kids (my mom had another Dr appt herself today) and went for my appt. Arrive early, get a great parking spot...figure I might as well wait in the waiting room instead of my sister's super stinky van (she's a smoker...) so I hand over my paperwork...she checks it...I'm not on today's roster....nor tomorrow's...but for THURSDAY!!!!!! Even my own paper says Thurs June 25th!!!!! IN MY OWN HANDWRITING!!! OH I was so irritated!! Hungry...and irritated!! I'm still not ready to laugh at myself about this one...maybe one day! So now I have to do the fasting thing all over again for Thursday....but at least the kids will be home with my mom.

Instead of the Dr appt, I joined up with my sister at a local park she was at where her youngest daughter was having a "field trip" to play at the park. DJ had himself a BLAST playing with all those big kids! And I think he's actually listening to me about not growling at kids, but rather saying "Hello" as he was playing nicely! While there, my sister noticed one of the other moms who I know from waybackwhen and points her out to me. Sure enough its Sherry!!! I haven't seen her in about 15 years!! SO good to see her and kindasorta catch up! We've been in touch on Facebook, but it was nice to Face Chat!

Came home and did the lunch thing...and then the nap thing!!!! Samantha went down easy enough, but DJ, for whatever reason, was just not settling! It took 45 mins to get him to sleep! And then when I got up 45 mins after that, he woke up mad at me for leaving him! *head shake* Then as we're sitting in the chair snuggling, SamSam comes toddling down the hall and totally freaked me out!! I didn't know that my mom was in my room napping with her...so for her to come strolling down the hall sent all kinds of thoughts thru my head....the falling out of the crib kind!! lol

It got to 91 degrees this afternoon...so the water park was a MUST!!! Today, I even got wet a bit just to cool off while sitting in the sun!!! Some lucky kids had some generous grandparents with them who'd bought them all kinds of beach toys (crap!) and so DJ and Sam were playing with it til they left...so it was nice to sit for more than 30 seconds instead of chasing Samantha back to the splash pad...she likes to wander on the grassy area!

I have to say....since putting up my new visitor counter...it excludes any of my visits....I'm shocked that I'm nearing 500 in less than a month!!! Thanks!!! Still nothing in the mail....grrrrr

Til next time...ciao!

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