Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is the last Saturday

Nite LAME movie I'll have to endure....I will soon be returning to the land of the living...those with cable AND DVR!!!!! I'm such a homebody, and this excites me to NO end!!! Not to mention that I'll be sitting next to my husband while watching TV!!!! THAT excites me more!!!! We're both so very anxious now that we know it's all a reality and not a dream!

Today was a BUSY one!!! And again, DJ woke us up at 6:15...I'd just settled Samantha in for a nurse, and he came thru the I whispered that it wasn't time to get up yet, and that he needed to go back to sleep...I think he did, I have no clue! But he was really quiet!! Next thin I know, it's 7:20...not bad!

After breakfast we decided we wanted to go to the Farmer's mom's planning a family dinner on Canada day so she wanted some baked goods from there for the dinner. But before we did that, we swung by a furniture store that's going out of business as my parents are looking into getting new living room chairs...they're SO desperately needed!!! So we all traipse off to the place and the kids and I stay in the truck watching Cars (what else?!?!?!) and we wait, and wait, and wait!!! Finally about 45 mins later they come out! Dad gets in the car and mom gets in my truck and off we go!
After the market we came home and it was lunch and then naps! Samantha was once again resistant...while DJ was compliant! She got all of 45 mins in her nap...he got 2 hours!!! Something is wrong with this picture!! lol

After nap we packed up the kiddos and off we went to Cambridge to watch my nephew Alex in his championship football game. What a nail biter that was too!!! Back and forth....OY! At one point it always seemed like they were 2 pts ahead of us...but in the end, his team beat them 24-16!!! They never lost one game the whole season!!! Pretty impressive!!! This was his first year playing and I think he really liked it! Don't ask what position he played...I'm a girl! Girls don't know these things without being told a million times!!! I've been a football mom now for 5 years and I still don't get all the positions names! I know the difference between offense and defense...and the gist of the game...but beyond that, the plays and whatnot....too much! If I'm not getting paid to know this info...I don't need to know it! I figure by the time DJ's done high school, I should have a better understanding of the Baseball...THAT I can do!!! LOVE baseball!!!

I digress...again...after the game we headed for my old store that I worked at years ago...only two people I know had the short stick of working on a Sat nite! Then we headed home...put the kiddos to bed...watched my bad movie and knit! Made a toddler hat between last nite and tonite...gonna have SamSam model it for me tomorrow and I'll post pix of it and the jacket I finished the other day. Got more boxes packed up closet is SUPER empty now!!! Got two boxes of toys packed up too!!! Man that's alot! There's still more to pack toy-wise too! Spoiled kids!

Off to read in the dark....I'm trying to read Breaking Dawn I can savour it (as much as a book CAN be savoured) as I know it's the last one in this series. I'm super excited to get back to the library and continue reading the series I'd started long ago by Sue Grafton. I left off on I'll be gettin N soon!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. How big is the car you are going to be driving back in? Sounds like you may have to sit the kids & your mom on the roof!!!


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