Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wait: Part Deux

The Sequel!!! There was no knock on the door this morning...so DJ and I took a walk to the end of the driveway and checked the mail box...no big huge envelope!!!! *sigh* Now we're cutting it close and I'm REALLY hoping and praying that it's there for us on Thursday!!! Please God!

After our little jaunt, we packed the kids up and did some shopping...but not til after we got a phone call from the mechanic...seems the truck has a loose differential bearing...which in layman's terms means LOTS of dollars (1000) to fix...and it's not a critical thing, so we opted not to have it fixed. The oil change was already done and we could pick it up whenever. I got all the things on my Canadian shopping list done! 'Cept for one thing, but if I don't get it, I'll live. I just wanna go to the Roots outlet store in Cambridge and get a sweatshirt for Jake and one for me...Howie stole mine! I think we have enough HP sauce to last a year and enough toothpaste for me (1.88 here instead of 3.78 there!!!) to last me 3 years according to my mom (she thinks I use too much!) and chocolate covered graham cookies that are THE best!!! I was also able to pick up DJ's pictures from 2 weeks ago...once I get home I can scan it in and add it to my sidebar. When we left Walmart (where else!??!!) my mom picked up a small fry at the McD's there for the kids, to tide them over til lunch....and Sam was the cutest thing...she'd grunt and wave her hand above the car seat waiting for me to put a fry in it for her to eat...TOO CUTE!!!
Then we picked up my truck...did lunch and naps! Aunt Tori won the nap lottery today!!! She didn't seem to mind one bit either!!! I think DJ's making his rounds before he leaves...sharing his love....lol

He came running to me this morning saying "I got an idea!!!"

I ask "Oh yeah, what's that?"

He says "How about we get in the truck and drive home to Washington"

Too cute!!! He's extremely excited to go live with daddy and Snickers, our dog....he doesn't remember her, but he sees pictures of her all the time on my phone and in print!

I decided today was a good day to dismantle the car seats and wash the part they sit in....it's been ohhhh 9 months....they were really rather due!!! Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to take it apart!?!?!?! OY I hate fighting with inanimate objects!!! I won tho! And now they smell amazing and look even better!!! It wasn't such a struggle to put them back together...16 little stretchy things to attach and then put the belts back together. I didn't put them back in the truck yet, that can wait til daylight. While I'm at it, I'm hoping to get the truck packed with all the boxes that are packed. I've made a list of the "Do NOT Forget" stuff...like the highchair, booster seat...stuff we're using that I wouldn't think of unless it was written down....mommy brain steals a lot!!!

Gotta go make my nightly call to Howie...I'll be ever so glad to kiss him good nite instead of saying it via phone! HURRY UP CANADA POST!!!!!!!! And tomorrow's a holiday...so no mail! GAH!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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