Friday, June 26, 2009

Let the packing

BEGIN!!! I've already packed up 4 boxes of clothes and whatnot that was in my closet. Having two sick kids makes it easy to pack...they were in the living room being lazy while I was being busy like a bee packing what I could. Then I brought up the rest of the boxes from the garage...I don't think I'm going to need them all...I've sent A LOT of stuff back home with Howie over the last 3 trips he made that alleviated some of my baggage...but at the same time, I've accrued a bit more too! Go figure! Well, with both kids having birthdays here, it's no wonder!

My poor babies were both fevered again this morning when they got Tylenol was given first thing! Then we just snuggled all three of us in one chair under a blanky and waited til one of us got hungry. That would be me! I made them each a piece of toast tho with honey...DJ ate his up right away and Sam ate half her slice and some yogurt. Then we went back to much as I hate that my kids are sick...I do so love that snuggle time!

Right about noon time Samantha decided she couldn't take it any more and whined her way back up into my arms (my nephew was here for the day keeping them occupied in the living room) and promptly fell asleep! As I laid her in the crib she started her I nursed her back to sleep...she protested again when I tried to put her in her crib...but I won the battle and she fell asleep. Had a good sleep too!!!!
As did DJ...they both really needed it! I on the other hand didn't get that precious time to nap! As soon as I had DJ down for his nap...went potty by MYSELF!...then grabbed the boxes from the garage, Miss Crankypants was awake from her 2 hour nap Even thru it all she was still able to give me cheesy grins!! She's getting really good at these! I love how she crinkles her eyes too!!! She's super model quality!!! hahaha

I think DJ's fever broke as he was full of vim and vigor after his nap!!! Which also means it's just a 24 hour thing, which is good! I should have both kids back to normal tomorrow, which is more than fine with me!
I started Breaking Dawn...was tough to put down too but I'm glad I did as DJ woke up EARLY this morning. Thinking ahead...this time change stuff going back to PST is gonna hurt for a while...yikes!
I do know for a fact that my passport was delivered at 7:21 am...what on earth did we do before the Internet?!?!?! So, now the ball's in their court as to how quickly they take care of business and get it back to me!!! My days remaining are starting to fill up quickly too!! There's just so much to do now that the date is set! We've also started looking for a new place to live as the house we're in now isn't gonna cut it...and the street we're on is just too busy for our little toddlers. Fun stuff I tell ya!!!
OK....I'm cuttin out early tonite...even partially ready for bed already too!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Missy-I saw your comment on Izzy's site and came over to read your blog. Congratulations on your visa!! I'm so excited for you. It's so good to hear your immigration status will soon be settled. I didn't realize your place here is in Lynnwood. We're just off 148th & 52nd! When you get here, we'll have to meet up for a coffee. Wishing you all the best, Cheers, Tiffany (Aaron's wife from ProClub)

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you popped over!!! We DEFINITELY have to get together!!! I tried viewing your Maui pix and couldn't get it to I'll want to see them for sure!


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