Saturday, June 13, 2009

It Breaks My Heart

To say goodbye yet again to my husband!!!! But that's what we had to do as our time together had come to an end. We did jam pack the day tho! I got my last sleep in til whoknowswhenagain and it was WONDERFUL!!! He did an amazing job of keeping the kids quiet and away from my door....I woke with a start at 8:30 (sad that THAT is now considered sleeping in!) And when I found my cute little family, they were at the table eating breakfast!!!
We then had plans to attend my nephew Alex's football game in Cambridge, and on the way pick up my niece Brianna to have her for the day as her mom (my sis) was working. That all went accordingly! I must felt weird watching football in JUNE and not August....but it still felt the same weather wise!!! Man was it chilly!!!
After the game we headed back to my parents house for lunch (well, the kids did it picnic style at the field) and pack up Howie's stuff. He put DJ down for a nap and took a cat nap with him, then fixed the switch in the bathroom for the fan (he's REALLY handy to have around!) and then we all piled into the truck and back to the airport we went.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but DJ was so engrossed in his movie (Cars, what else!?!?!) that he didn't seem to notice that Daddy was saying good bye to him. It wasn't til about 15 mins after leaving him that DJ noticed and said "hey, where's Daddy!??!" I told him he was at the airport and DJ replied "well go back and get him!" Sad really!!

Samantha protested rather loudly from her car seat the last 20 minutes of our ride home which made it quite unpleasant! She was thirsty and I'd forgotten to grab any sippy cups...bad mummy! Once home tho, she was okay! Refused anything to drink until she thought I wasn't looking....boy she's gonna be a toughie!!!
After dinner I took the kids to the water park to run off their steam...and it worked like a charm! SamSam is getting more and more brave with the water...even more than the last time I said that!! She's so freakin cute to watch too! Now each one is like a personal water fountain! She even ventured to the big kid side!!! At first it was just the three of them...then two teenybopper girls showed up in 'kini's I'm sure their mothers would flip out about! So once DJ was chattering from the cold even tho he's saying "I'm not dold Mummy!!" we got dressed in our jammies (I was smart enough to bring sense dressing them twice!) and headed for home.

SIDEBAR...why is that everyone is SO obsessed with taking pictures of themselves on their cell phones!?!?!?!! Seriously!?!!? This is twice now...the first time was in Maui...these two maybe 18 year old girls were taking rather suggestive photos of each other (and together) in the hot tub of the adult pool. And then today these two young girls doing the same thing...have they no decency!?!?! Don't they read the papers and know that this constitutes as child pornography!?!?! AH it infuriates me!!! No headaches (famous saying of my husband!)

With the time of his flight leaving, he would be in the air for bed we didn't get to do our nightly phone call...we did leave a cute message tho! DJ likes leaving messages more, I think! I did try something new at more pull ups for DJ...he's done SO well the past month with no wake up wet ones that I thought it was high time to let him be. So for those taking notes....we barely went thru a pack of pull ups!! In fact we still have 8 left!!! WOW! That's impressive!! For him to have gone since March in pull ups...and now nothing! My baby boy is growing up!!! If only he'd hold his own penis down when peeing....I hope that comes sooner rather than later!!!

So, Howie's safely on the ground in WA and on his way back to our house as I type...then off to pick up our dog and return home to settle in for the nite. And now it's time for this girl to hit the hay too!! I'm so glad he got me back on track for going to bed earlier! I needed it! Of course I don't have anything vampirish to read right now either. The book I am reading tho is starting to pick up! Its tough sometimes to read an author you're not familiar with for the first time...and get used to how they write. It's such a grown up book too!!! Complete with swear words!! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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