Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fadder's Day!

Altho it really felt like any other Sunday 'round these here parts!!!! Samantha chose a rather EARLY wake up time of 5:30 (blah!) and after nursing wanted to play...took some convincing...and more boob...but she did finally fall back asleep...and I swear DJ came in 5 mins after that...but it was more like an hour and dad lazed in again this morning...blah! lol
After breakfast we just hung around the house til my mom decided that yes, we did want to go grocery shopping! So we shoe'd the kids and off we went...arrived at the store and both of them are barefoot....and they're gonna stay that way! I'm not losing shoes in a store...HA!
Home for lunch and naps....super late naps, but naps none the less! I got a quick 20 minute doze with Sam, and then another 20 mins with I'm still kinda tired tonite! Its not even 11 pm and I'm already blogging....that tell ya something!??!! lol

It got up to 85 degrees today and was MUGGY....still is muggy at almost 11....the ceiling fans are on but it's hardly moving the air....blah! So with the heat being so present I took the kids to the water park at the last dad came home early, so my mom suggested I take them away (nice eh?) and while I was originally going to take them to the regular park, I opted for the water park instead....which they both appreciated!!! I did too as I get to sit at the water park, but chase at the regular park! After an hour of splashing fun (and after DJ hit another girl with a baseball) we got dressed and headed home. Only to find out my sister and her brood were NOT yet on their way for dinner. We got home at 6:30 and thankfully my mom chose to BBQ a chicken as well as do up the kids ate and the rest of us waited. But we didn't wait that long as we were all starving too! So as we were finishing, Tori arrived....and they fed themselves.

Bed time was a nightmare tonite...oh horrible!!! I decided to let DJ play with his cousins a bit longer and put SamSam to bed first....which was fine, but I guess she wasn't done nursing at the same time I was done nursing she had a SCREAMING fit while I'm trying to put DJ to bed. After saying good nite to him I go into our room and she's just a sweaty mess!!! So I strip her out of her footed pj's and put in a dress which is like a night shirt...and nurse her again! She falls asleep and the moment I put her in her crib starts crying. I don't play the game so she had to CIO for all of 5 mins tonite.
DJ on the other hand....continued the nightmare with his potty antics!!! Crying like he was in pain.....saying "I want you Mummy" In the end it took almost 2 hours to get him to finally go to sleep!!! That's ridiculous! I'm not sure who's child I took home from the water park...but it's definitely NOT mine!!! I want my good sleeper back!

Gonna go check on other blogs I follow and get caught up and then have my nightly phone call with Howie...quite possibly out on the deck where it's nice and cool...and then go to bed early. I know, your jaw just does happen on occasion tho!!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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