Saturday, June 20, 2009

I can not believe

That a perfect stranger today in Costco gave DJ a 5 dollar bill just for being cute! I kid you not!!!! We were sitting there having our lunch....Sam in the buggy to the right edge of the table...and DJ sitting beside me on the bench. As he's eating lunch he starts chatting up the man sitting on his left and the man's son across from him (about 10 yrs old) and telling him how he's growing big like Daddy....and just other ramblings (like his mother...but we won't go there) and as the man gets up to leave he leans over and puts a 5.00 bill in front of DJ...we refuse profusely and the man just walked away. Yeah, my jaw was dropped too!!! I started thinking which corner I should put him on with a cup...or better yet, have him play his ukulele for money....hmmmmm!!!!
Then my dad reminded me tonite that I'd given a homeless man a two dollar coin yesterday as we were stopped at a light in Toronto. We were sitting at a light and there was talk in the front seat of needing coin, so I checked my purse and had a toony, so I said so. Dad rolls down my window and lo and behold there's a man with a I put my money in it and Dad rolled up my window and the light was green. I was a little taken aback as I wasn't' fully clued in when the discussion was going on about the need for change....and bam just gave it away. So, his lesson for me today was that what I give, God returns...even better! Good lesson! And the money will go towards some new shoes for DJ as he seems to have outgrown the two pair of non-croc like shoes he owns....DANG he's just growing!!

So after a morning of shopping....we came home and an afternoon of napping!!! Put SamSam down easy squeezey!! And then read DJ his new book that his G'pa's money got him today at costco...a Thomas Friends book (He forgets the & in the title) that makes noises as you read it...super cute! AND a good message about helping others. It's a paper book so we have to keep it up high from Sam's grabby hands!!

After nap we went to the Dutch Mill Restaurant out in the middleofnowhere off Hwy 5...what a NEAT place!!!!!!! Its a gardener's paradise....with a petting zoo type thing that has sheep, a wandering billy goat (Oh Samantha HATED that) and some miniature ponies, bunnies, and chickens. Then their entire play area was all wooden toys that you can climb on (some even had picnic tables built into them) and a shed turned into a play house...and of course the standard play cars for kids...DJ was in heaven!!!! Then we go inside and it's a gift shop with all kinds of Victorian wares for sale...and a restaurant that closes PROMPTLY at 6 pm!!! The restaurant has a salad buffet with everything home made and made fresh that day. They started clearing it away at 5:30 (we got there at 5:15!) So it wasn't a pig out meal, but just as filling as we needed it to be!

Mom and Dad took off from there to go to the races at Mohawk, a friend of theirs was racing tonite...and the kids and I headed in the opposite direction for the house!! A bath was in order!! SamSam is now finally at the age of appreciating all the splashing that happens in a bath!! The giggles coming from behind the curtain (I'm not getting soaked!!!) were contagious! They were both splashing each other it was hilarious!! DJ even braved the shower to rinse off...thank you to the inventor of Sprinkler Parks!!! Because of them he's not afraid of the shower anymore! Hallelujah!!! Once they were both in bed it was knit time....which also happens to coincide with bad movie nite....*sigh* We are getting the DVD player fixed this week....we HAVE to!!!!

Off to bed....this book is good, but not as I was hoping it would be from the title....oh well!

Til next time...ciao!!


  1. OK, my parents live 5 mins. away in the middle of nowhere - we go the the Dutchmill all the time!! I'm so jealous right now.... grr....


  2. Ok so you DO know where I am right now!!!! I lovingly refer to the rural area my parents live in as BFE...quite appropriate! LOL


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