Monday, June 8, 2009

Turn It UP

Is a GREAT song!!!!!! Man I had it cranked too on the radio!!!! It just took me about 10 minutes (if not more) to find the artist for the song Turn It Up, I Like The Sound Of Aaron Lines It has a great beat to it and simple lyrics!
So how/why was I listening to music that was CRANKED in the truck?? Could it be that I drove somewhere on my OWN!! With NO kids in the vehicle begging me to watch "jungle" over and over!!!! Yes! It is possible!!! Especially when Daddy is around to do his parenting job and mind the children! I'll never call it babysitting when he does it as it IS his job too!!!

Today I had my second physical...with my own GP in where I'll get to see the results!!! When I went back in March I complained about a bulge I have in my upper abdomen area....I think it's a hernia, but I'm not a Dr! she said for me to make an appt for a physical and then she'd refer me to get an ultrasound. So, I did just that and today was that appointment! And she did indeed refer me to get an ultrasound...not just of my upper abdomen (for which I have to fast!!) but also for my thyroid! She seems to think it's the right side that's inflamed....and while I'm at it...I get to go get poked for some blood!! She's doing a full work up on me too!!! In fact, I have to fast for that, and then eat, and go back two hours later!! Oy vey! Hopefully I can get that done next week as there's just too much going on this week for me to consider it. I am toying with doing it Friday while Howie's here...we'll see.

THEN I got to go for another drive myself! This is where I heard that song I mentioned before...and the new Taylor Swift one, You Belong To Me...great song too!! In any case, I digress....I was on my way to Burlington to pick up my SEALED medical results from the physical last week for my interview on Wednesday (and...cue butterflies) as my sister forgot to bring them with her yesterday to the party. She picked them up for me last week when they were ready...and had a brain fart...but that's my fault for not reminding her (insert scoff sound)
So she called tonite during dinner to tell me that our plans to pick them up on Wednesday on our way to Montreal weren't going to work and would I be able to meet her halfway and pick them up tonite. We agreed that would be easier. So I took off right after my last bite of dinner (almost quite literally too) and hit the road. There was a sign just before I hit the "mountain" in Ancaster saying that QEW was closed beyond Hwy I called my mom and got a detour route. Boy was I smart in calling her....the exit she had me take (some 5 miles before Hwy 6) was right where all the traffic was backed up to. It was quite the detour too....some 35 lights (all timed thank God!) and the Burlington Skyway (I abhor bridges!!) and back onto the QEW I was...met my sister and hopped back on to go home. The westbound was I approached Hwy 6 I could see that there was a car in the middle ditch, and one on its side that looked like it had been "put out"....not a good accident! (not that there's ever a good one, but non fatal are better) It was also kinda creepy to see the highway barren of cars....all the traffic was coming off at Hwy 6 and being re-routed to Godknowswhere...but I would have still been stuck in it had I not called my mom. WHEW!

I managed to get home after DJ was in bed (but still awake and needing to pee, of course) and Samantha was waiting to get in her PJ's and be put to bed. Perfect timing! Now, I'm off to bed myself!

Til next time...ciao!

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