Friday, June 12, 2009

Normal Life

Is when I have my hubby with me while we do family things!!! Today was a perfect example of the life I've been missing for the last almost 9 months now....I got to sleep in by MYSELF!!! Granted it was only til 8:20, but still...LOVE it! After breakfast I gave the kids a bath...they LOVED it! lol Then we just hung out...did laundry...played...Howie washed the truck with DJ's help (well, as much as a 3 year old CAN help!) Lunch was a family affair....and then naps were under way! I got to play around on the computer while naps happened and Howie went to find a bolt for fixing my dad's weed whacker...and glue to fix DJ's golf to have an uninterrupted shower!!! The kids woke up...we got them in their swim suits and took off for the water park. Oh they had a BLAST!!!!! Beautiful 80 degree day with lots of sunshine!!! Perfect day for the water park! A lot of other families thought so too! SamSam is getting much more brave with the water!! Her diaper was SOAKED when we were done. DJ got chilled quick and wanted to go to the regular we dried them off and re-dressed them and hit up the regular park! Got LOTS of pix as I wasn't the one chasing the kids today!! How nice! LOL Still wish I could upload them....there might be a way I can do that...will check into that after.
After the park we went grocery was a toss up between going out for dinner, just the 4 of us, or getting steaks and grilling....we chose grilling! I LOVE when Howie bbq's!! And he didn't want to get caught out of the house come 8!

So we came home...grilled dinner...put the kids to bed....and it's relax time! I can't think of a better way to spend my day!!! I'm just sad that it's the last one of this visit with Howie...and not knowing when the next one will be kinds sux! We've talked about it some...if we get the yes, then I'll be home first part of July...if we get the no, then we're looking at moving me and the kids out there for September...obviously not our fave option!

Oh...I did have a rather tender moment with my son this afternoon. He'd woken up as I was doing my hair after my shower and wanted to sit in the bathroom with me (he chose the floor) and as I'm curling my hair he says "Mum, you're beautiful" Is that not the sweetest thing EVER!?!?!?!!? I stopped doing what I was doing and hugged the crap outta him!!! I love those kinds of unsolicited moments!! Every mother dreams of them!!! *sigh*

Off to go spend the rest of the evening with my hubby watching the last half hour (more like hour really) of the hockey game. GO PENS!!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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