Sunday, June 5, 2011

Compared to yesterday

Today was its polar opposite!!

Altho, I did get to sleep in as Howie got up with pup when she whined at 6 o'clock....FAR too early for a Saturday!! Or any day if you ask me!

I woke at 9 and thought that was fabulous, but rolled over and slept another 45 minutes! BLISS I tell you! I got up and got dressed and came out to see if my Avon was here...and it was! So I tore into it and got it bagged up and ready to go.

by 11 I was on the road to delivering....and it was a long, windy, VERY sunny road!!! My driving arm even got a bit of colour. I picked up DJ's bike from  my g/f's garage. DIDN'T stop at Joann's OR Micheal's...sad really!

Got home at 4:30 and snuggled my tired, worn out, grimy, sun lotioned kids while Howie was in the shower. Then hopped in and took one myself and got ready to head out to a wedding reception. The couple got married on April 1st and today was the reception for those here in WA as they got married in Vegas...wish we'd done the reception thing...but back then we hardly knew anyone! Ah well!

Was back on the road at 6:30 and headed to Edmonds...right on the waterfront...gorgeous view!! Howie and the kids had washed my truck this afternoon, and I vetoed taking it tonite simply because it was prettier than the car, but the car gets WAY better mileage...when we got back out to the car, Howie was glad we didn't have the truck as we had some serious over spray on the car. Saltwater doesn't come off nice on the windshield. Live and learn!

We ducked out early after the cake, speeches, first dances, garter/bouquet tosses and lovely meal...the hour long drive makes everything that much later. So we left shortly after 9 and was home about 10:40 as Howie took the rather scenic route home and we stopped at the shed.

Sent Michaela home, and got started on birthday party prep...I made dirt cups for the dessert tomorrow...crushed oreos on the bottom, sugar-free chocolate pudding with cool whip mixed in, more crushed oreos, and then gummy worms coming out of the "dirt"...I hope DJ likes it. At first he wasn't liking the idea of it...but when we bought the stuff to make it he got excited. Then I wrapped all his gifts up. Unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters up and reloaded...and now I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

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