Saturday, June 18, 2011

My poor baby boy!!!

This morning pretty much all of us were up, including Belle, by 7:30...and since Howie went and did the airport run with my parents, he slept til I woke him at 9...5 am is a terrible time to have to be at the airport! Blech!! And since today was Howie's late day, he didn't NEED to be up that early other than to drive my parents. I'm so glad it was him and not me tho!! Thank you honey!!

Howie went on his way to work just before 10 and I then tried to patiently wait for my Avon to arrive...guard dog Snickers announced his arrival...shortly after 10, so I got crackin on it! My dream was to be out by 11....reality dictated 11:30...but cruelty dealt me 12 as my departure time. Sheesh there's so much to consider! And since I knew it was gonna be a LONG ass day, I brought BusyBelle with us (my new name for her) and she wasn't too thrilled with this development...but I really had no choice! I did have her up front with me on the passenger side, but she is getting too big for that. So at one point, DJ wanted his car seat to move back to his original spot, which freed up the back back and I thought that was better for BusyBelle...and it was!

Part of today was that DJ had his 5 year well child check he got weighed (48 lbs, he was 10 lbs 15 oz at birth!!) and measured (he's 45" and was 21" at birth!) and they did a simple eye test on him and he's got 20/30 vision, but he was messin around and playing shy, and it was his first ever eye test, so they're not worried! Shoot, I couldn't see the bottom two rows either! Then he came into the room and the nurse took his blood pressure (totally normal for his height and weight!) and then left us to wait for the Dr...which seemed like FOREVER!!!!! Finally she came in, checked his ears, mouth, eyes for straightness, and listened to his heart and belly...when she took a peek down his pants, I swear he smiled...oy!  He told her that his legs hurt (calf area) and she told him that's cuz he's getting ready to grow! He liked that. Then as she was leaving she suggested I inform him about the shots he was getting while waiting for the nurse.

Yeah, that went over like a fart in church!!! He said "no, no, no!" and then hid under the counter so the nurse wouldn't be able to find him. Crazy kid! So, we talked about it and how it was necessary...and that he was 5 and that's why he needed them. He suggested he go back to being 4, and I said sure, but that he'd have to give back his new bike as that was only for 5 year olds...he thought about it for a minute and said "oh alright, I'll be 5" and came out from under. Which was right as Jennifer came in with the needles. He saw there were 3 and didn't like that!  He sat on my lap hug style and watched the first 2 with minimal whimpering...but that MMR shot is killer and goes in the muscle...he HATED that one!! I had to tuck his arms under my arms so he wouldn't jerk away...oh the tears!!!! I'm glad tho that he wasn't mad at Jennifer, he was mad at the needles and that they hurt!

I'd brought Smarties along to cheer him up, and they worked! And I called Howie's sister to see if she wanted 2 kids and a puppy for a couple hours....she said she'd do the kids, no puppy, but then the twins heard her say that and said they'd watch the!! Belle needed time to romp around and so did the kids! I tried valiantly to get Sam's pix done today, but the place I have the deal with is booked til Monday!!! NOT good! So I finished my route alone and in a quiet vehicle!! Then went back to pick them up and take them to McD's for dinner since it was already 8! We had 2 more stops to make on the way home and we finally made it home for 8:30...the kids were in bed for 9...not too bad really!

I was POOPED!!! I sat with Howie while he watched some dumb show, and then had to find energy to go pack my stuff...I will be incommunicado tomorrow nite...I have a date with Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan and The Band Perry across the mountains! I highly doubt I'll be up to blogging from a tent on my phone!!

Oh my "blond" moment of the day...while getting  the kids back in the truck after the Dr appt, I put my purse on the floor of DJ's side and then got Belle out. Well, DJ didn't like that idea and took it out and put it on the running board on the front passenger door side...I saw he'd done it, and said to myself "watch me drive away with that still on there"  Belle wouldn't pee, the kids were loose in the truck, so I got everyone settled and headed for our next I'm at the T intersection, this guy stops his vehicle and starts yelling at me...but he's so far away I can't make out what he says. Luckily there was a cop not too far behind him that  put his lights on and got out to see what was going on...he gets out of his vehicle and starts pointing me and talking to the cop..then gets back in his vehicle, but the cop wasn't done talking to him and rapped on his window as he was trying to pull away...I decide not to go left (in the direction of the crazy guy) and instead go right, right into traffic that's stopped. I keep my eye on the situation in my side mirror and everyone pulls away and traffic resumes. I then look over and some guy is knocking on my passenger window holding up my stupid purse! Now I knew why the guy was pointing at me! D'oh!!!  It was then that I realized I'd also left the bowl I was using for Belle to have water...TOTAL blond!!!! Maybe the hair colour yesterday did something to

Til next time...God bless!

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