Thursday, June 2, 2011

How is it JUNE already!?!?!

And when I step outside early morning (5:30 thanks to Belle) I can see my breath still!! Even tonite about 8ish I could see it!! If its JUNE I want some heat!!! This couple hours of weak sunshine during a day of rain isn't cuttin for me!!!

Nor is the lack of sleep I'm currently suffering from! Man, babies sleep better than this pup! She sleeps GREAT during the day, but really lousy at nite! So this morning, with Howie gone to work, and me wanting more sleep once she went potty at 5:30, I put the gate up towards the end of the hall which allowed the kids access to my room, and went back to bed with the door closed. If she whined, I didn't hear it thanks to deafness...but I do think she did as DJ was in bed with me right before I got him settled and back to sleep beside me and rolled over once he was snoring. Then Sam came and joined us around 7 and she went back to sleep too...and we all were up shortly after 8. Not bad a wake up time, but when its so broken up, I got a wee bit cranky today. (sorry kids!)

Of course she'd gone pee and poop with all that freedom for 2 and a half got her outside quick and then cleaned up the messes...they're never near each other too! She then settled for a nap after she ate, which was after we were done. Both kids then wanted to work on letters and numbers in their books, so I got them settled and worked on dishes while they were occupied. Since it was still early I made DJ wait til after 10 to head next door. Sam chose to stay back to see if DJ went in or not...she's getting smart about that...why go thru all the effort to get ready to go out if you're only gonna come back home. And he did! So I put on a movie, and they chose Madagascar. I love hearing them sing "I like to move it, move it, I like to move it, move it..." cute!

After lunch the boys next door came over to play...and then they went downstairs (since ALL the toys are down there now) and then came back up for a snack, then went outside to play. I got dinner going since we were eating early again due to a VBS meeting I had to attend at church. So about 5:40 I kissed everyone goodbye and headed into town. The VBS theme this year is the Big New York themed...should be fun. I've got some stuff to read thru and quite a few weeks til we go...we're Aug 8th-12th. I know DJ and Sam are already excited for it!

I got home and the kids were jammaed and ready to brush teeth and whatnot. Howie had the game on, and it was still 0-0, and it wasn't too long after I sat down before getting the kids ready for bed that the Canucks won the game...they must have been waiting for me to see it! No, really! lol  We got the kids in bed and Howie put on The Voice...I watched it last nite, but didn't mind watching it again, it is music and I can knit well to it! If there's one thing I can't do, its knit and read...kind of impossible really!

After Howie went to bed I put on SYTYCD and watched more auditions. I must say, they're being tasteful this year and I really appreciate it. Of course there's the really odd wacko they must feature as its impossible not to! Like the chick claiming that the REAL Ringo Starr was her dad and he quite after Lennon was shot and signed his name away...just bizarre!! The guy didn't even have an English accent...go figure! Things that make ya shake your head!! Now, I'm heading to bed early in hopes of having a good sleeping pup...we are noticing some listening tho...she'll come (but FIGHTS the leash like a bucking bronco) and if you tell her NO BITE she'll stop biting you and start kissing you. Its the little victories...and we'll take them! Snickers actually got into puppy stance to play with her, so she's really coming around...she even slept on her own bed last nite which is in front of the crate instead of on the opposite side of the room in defiance.

Til next time...God bless!

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