Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday started early...Belle up after 5, kids up at 7 and I'd promised Howie he could sleep in, but he said he'd had enough sleep, so I got another 45 mins and then I HAD to get up and start getting ready. I had to rethink my choices in clothes too thanks to the liquid sunshine! blah!!!

I got picked up at 10 and off we headed over the mountains to George (or Quincy) Washington...still makes me chuckle! We stopped at Wenatchee to hit up KFC (for them) and Subway (for me) and Top Foods (for all of us) and our last pit stop for this leg of the race...wait, wrong show! But it was the last real toilet of Saturday!

We got to the campsite about 2 and set up straight away.....Mike opted to sleep in the truck with an air mattress, and Jackie and I got the tent...so I blew up the queen air mattress an it literally took up the entire tent!! Insane!!!! The sun was shining, and hiding behind clouds, so in essence it was perfect for those of us who've have rain for so long! I got a teeny bit pink but hardly worth mentioning. There were SO many people there, and SO many with music just blaring...we didn't need to have our own...just turn your head and you'll find a different "station" to listen to!

Concert started at 7, so we headed in that direction about 6:30...man that was a LONG ass walk!!! But we made it and The Band Perry was playing when we got in...we got to our seats (thank God we had assigned seats!) and I of course have to pee....so Jackie and I go in search of a dreaded porta potty (at which point I'd already thought up 4 of the rules!) and then she needed food, and a t-shirt for her niece. We got back to our seats and Luke Bryan was singing away!! He'll go far!!! For sure!!  Not sure what time Tim came on, but he sure is entertaining! He's also a part time bouncer as he hauled two people out of the crowd and sent them packing! This chick who dumped her beer on some guy, and the guy who either hit/shoved her...he just stopped the show and ejected them both! Talk about Southern charm! He even gave us 3 or 4 extra songs according to my TimFreakFan Jackie! There were a few songs (and some new) that I didn't know, but for the most part I was able to sing along or fudge it! lol

We were done about 11 and the mass exodus happened immediately...that long ass walk again, my shins are still hurting from that...and my ribs!! We got back and snacked before bed, one last potty and then we all crashed! Which is hard to do when you have Kenny Chesney blaring at you in one direction and Tim in the opposite direction....finally about 1 they quieted down, that's not to say they also went to sleep, but got quieter. I then proceeded to wake up at 3 for no reason, and at 5 when some idiot started whoopin and hollerin while revving his engine, then at 7 for the day. We were packed up and in the truck by 7:30 and on our way to a breakfast place. We went the opposite way we came, so it was new to me. After breakfast we hit the road hard...and Jackie and I fell asleep...or at least I think she did, I was out of it!

We got home about 11:45 and my lil fam was at church, so I unpacked, put stuff away, and washed the campingness off me!! Man, that was the best shower in a LONG time!! Then I waited for them to get home! They were as excited to see me as I was to see them!! I then made us all lunch and we chatted. The rest of the day went nicely for Father's Day! Howie got first nap on the couch, and I got second nap with SamSam while he took DJ for a bike ride! So nice!! Then Jake came for dinner and stayed the nite! It was wonderful!

This morning Belle had me up just before 6, so I left her with Jake who was getting ready for school, as Howie left for work. DJ joined me around 6:30 and we both slept til 8 nicely! Our day was uneventful really, the kids played outside, ate lunch outside, enjoyed being outside...it wasn't sunny, but it also wasn't raining!!! Gotta take em where ya can around here! Finally about 3 I got the kids in the truck and headed into town to do the grocery shopping at Freddy's...neither kid wanted to go in play land, so it took a bit longer to complete said task! Then we headed to Anneke's for DJ to get his hair cut...oh he looks sharp!!! His head shrunk too!! lol FINALLY we got home, unloaded, and started dinner! After dinner we just relaxed til the kids went to bed just after 8:30.

Howie watched The Voice from last week...then went to bed while I then watched my dvr'd B'ette. I think there are now "Bentley" drinking games...anytime Ashley says his name, take a drink...a girl could get drunk on that one!!! And now we have yet another week of waiting for this insanity to be over!!! Ugh!!! I really didn't see William going home tonite, that one kinda shocked me!! Nor would I have picked Ryan over Nick...but it is what it is!

Ok, I've rambled enough...you're caught up...and I'm tired!! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

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