Friday, June 17, 2011

Christmas In JUNE!!!

This morning Belle did great til 7:20...I can live with that! DJ got up too and my dad was already up so once Belle was done her businesses I headed back to my still warm bed. I didn't go back to sleep mind you, but enjoyed the warmth nonetheless! Til Sam came into me shortly after 8 asking to be lifted over the gate.

Our morning was nice and slow...the kids enjoyed having G'ma and Poppa here and showing off their stuff and talents. Then around 11 the basket of goodies came out...and man, there was some GOODIES!!! DJ had asked for Smarties, and g'ma bulk!! They each got so many books it was hard to keep track of them all. Some work books for learning, and a great puzzle book that looks amazing! and of course the standard fairy tale books. Even LARGE colouring books...T-bell for SamSam and Toy Story 3 for DJ...and they have markers!!! Sam got a Strawberry Girl (her way of saying Strawberry Shortcake) book that makes noise...DJ got planes...small ones like hot wheels size and then bigger ones to put together and fly outside on a nice sunny day. I didn't think we'd get to the bottom of the basket! I got a digital food scale...I knew they'd bought one for me and I'd forgotten about it! Kinda like gift Alzheimer's! The kids were buzzing around!

We ate lunch in shifts and then once I'd potty'd Belle we left shortly after 1...which turned into 1:30 by the time I got DJ's car seat in the back back...I left Sam's since not all of us were travelling today. Our first stop was to the church...they're having a Used Treasure sale tomorrow and Saturday, and since I'm jam packed with lotsa other stuff, I volunteered to help sort stuff today. Well, Mom and Dad joined me and the 5 of us did about an hour and a half of work! Man, there were tables and tables of stuff! We got to sort toys out...the kids liked that! "look at this  mom!!!"...yeah!

At 3 we headed out and stopped to get gas, do the bank thing, and then head to my hair dresser for some and dad chose to stay in the truck in the sun and nap, the kids got out and played with Alyia and Travis. I am now blond again! Fully blond, not dirty blond with massive roots showing...I had no idea it was that bad til she held up a piece from the top of my head and I saw! DANG!!! I got brows done too and love getting them done! Ahhh I walked out of there 10 years younger! Ok I only looked it! At least now I look my age...29 thankyouverymuch!

We got home and Howie was already home enjoying the quiet...the kids stayed out to play, and we headed in to get dinner going. I'd thawed out some pork steaks...they were GIGANTIC...Mom and I shared one, the kids had a tip of one, and Howie and Dad shared big! And SO tasty!! YUM! Good thing I know the pig grower of this particular meat! Gotta get in on that action!

After dinner I bathed the kids...and then Howie read to them and we tucked them in...then we played cards with them before the 3 of them left me and went to bed. They had to be up for 4 to leave to go to the and dad fly out tomorrow at 6 am, and then come back to us on Wednesday of next week. Not sure yet if the kids understand that when they wake up, they won't be here. I'm grateful Howie's doing this airport run and then coming home to sleep for 3 more hours. I'd have stayed up and waited til 4 and then gone to bed at 6 for 3 hours...SO not enough for me. So now, I'm headed to bed to get at least 6 hours til Belle gets up!

Til next time...God bless!

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