Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working in a frenzy

This morning I got the text that mom and dad were on their way here...they're not stopping at go (B.C) and not collecting 200, just coming here!! Well, they are stopping at Hotel Walmart for the nite in Chilliwack and then they'll be to us tomorrow by lunch. Then the plan is for them to fly home for the funeral and then fly back, but at least their RV will be safe in my driveway. Still really fuzzy on details of my Aunt's passing, but I'm sure more will come once mom gets back there...whenever that is!

This morning Miss Belle slept til 7:30 before making a ruckus!!! She stirred when DJ came in the room, but settled after a few minutes! This sleeping thing excites me!! So much so, that today I did a bunch of research on potty training, clicker training, border collies and feel more adequate at figuring this dog out! In fact, since my resolution around noon, we've had one small accident in the house, oh and one poop, she pooped right in the middle of eating her dinner. I thought it was safe to take my eyes off her while she was eating,  apparently not!! Lil stinker!!

Before lunch we headed out to do the book drop and the pizza run and then came home. DJ had been out all morning working with Mr Erickson next door and his feet were literally BLACK! I kid you not! He was "helping" him while he rototilled his garden area. Sam was content to be inside with me. I did have a 'moment' this morning where I cried for my mom's loss of her sister, and both kids were right there to comfort me. They knew I was sad. And it is sad!

When we got back from the runs, the kids both stayed outside to play, which was more than okay with me as I got busy cleaning the kitchen...you know, that stuff only moms notice...kept me busy too! Before I knew it, Howie was home and off he went on the carpet cleaning rampage. Here's hoping I can keep them pee free with the new method I'm using on Belle. She really is super smart and just today learned "sit" and got it right away....now she knows she'll get a treat when she does it outside. Whew!

After dinner I bathed the kids while Howie kept on with the deep clean...and it took me 5 mins to scrub DJ's feet to light brown...I'm afraid they won't be white again til October!  I tucked them both into bed while Howie kept on...he's still keeping on...but now he's on the shop vac stage...so the cleaning is finished and then we can move the chairs back in over towels and I can finally watch The Voice and relax!!

Til next time...God bless!

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