Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Day of Summer!!

This morning we woke up to sunshine!!! But not without hassle!! Last nite Miss Belle decided to freak out when I put her in the crate, which in turn woke Howie up, and he huffed off to the couch...which is fine, I was able to settle her once I got out of the bathroom. Then at 4:30, I woke up to his alarm...he'd forgotten to take it with him...and it took me forever to find the damn thing on his night table!  Got it shut off, and instead of getting out of bed to wake him, I called him on his phone. His ringer is set to that old school ring from the 70's! And LOUD!!!! It did the trick! He was up! I fell back to sleep til 5:52 when Belle woke up to I got up and dressed to take her out. It was then I realized WHY she freaked out last nite at bed time...she'd caught her paw in her collar...yeah, I felt like a horrible doggy mama! I fixed her and took her out. Came back in and gated her to the living room. Crawled back into bed...DJ joined me about 6:15 or so and at 6:30 Belle's whining was too loud, so I brought her in the bedroom and crated her...she went back to sleep!!! Imagine that!  And we all slept til 7:40 or so when Sam came in.

Since it was the first day of summer, and the sun was shining, I changed the plans for today a bit...and decided not to do the costco run, but keep it local. The kids enjoyed that too. I replaced DJ's sunglasses that I lost on him, and picked up a few of his school supplies from the list we had sent to us...he even put them in his "school box" in his closet. The kids played outside til it was time to go do the pizza/book run along with the groceries...then they played outside when we got home til we left again so I could go for my dental appt. They called yesterday to remind me, which was needed, but I said I might have to reschedule as I was planning on having my parents here to help with the kids, and she said to bring them along and they can play while I'm getting cleaned. Sweet! They each took turns looking in my mouth while it was wide open...and Sam even held my hand for a few minutes! Awwww

We got home minutes before Howie did, but he went out and started on yard work...I took Sam and the dogs to the park and wore them all out! We got back and both dogs conked out!!! They ate dinner and kept on sleeping...LOVE the sunshine and being able to do that! I bathed the kids after dinner and once they were tucked in, went and had a shower myself! Then settled with Howie who was already watching 101 Ways To Get Kicked Off A Game Show....and man, they're NUTS!!!! I can't even explain it! Its like Fear Factor meets Wipeout meets Jeopardy! Just bizarre!! Howie went to bed after that and I put on The Voice...which had some seriously rocking tunes!!

My predictions for the teams:

TeamBlake: Dia The girl can SING!!!!!
TeamAdam: Javier SO much better WITHOUT the hat!
TeamCeeLo: Vicci Freakin rocked a song I've never heard but wanna hear again!
TeamXtina: Frenchie gave me shivers ALL over!!!!

Should be interesting!

Then I watched Covert Affairs and enjoyed it...I finally "solved" it before the show ended! That doesn't happen often!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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