Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ride 'em Cowgirl!!!

Saturday when I had my girl date for the movie, which by the way was FANTASTIC if I haven't already raved about it...my g/f Joanne found a pair of size 9 cowboy boots and asked what size Sam is...she's a 9...so she gave them to me to give to Sam. When I got home that nite, I just put them on the counter with no note, nothing. Howie didn't let her have them til I got up and drove him nuts for 2 hours with the one track mind about the boots...so when I got up, she didn't even say hello to me, just "are those for me!?!?!" and when I said she she clapped her hands together and jumped up and down. She put them on straight away even tho she was still in her nightie. Wore them to church with her dress. Wore the outside to play when we got home. I feared she'd want to wear them to bed too! Luckily she left them at the door when she came in the house. whew!

She is ALL about the boots! Even today...wore them when we went to the shed...then when we went out again to a friends house and the bank...she is crazy about these boots!!! And she knows they came from Morgin's mom...but doesn't get that they were her older sister's boots when she was little....she's now 22! So cool! Joanne and I made a deal...when Sam outgrows the boots, we're each gonna keep one and fill it with dirt and plant something in it...and put it in our gardens. How fun is that!?!? I love that idea!

Today wasn't anything spectacular...in fact, I got to speak with my mom twice...once this morning to chat and then again at dinner. I don't usually answer the phone during dinner, but it was my mom and Howie agreed I should take it. Especially since I'd already spoken with her. I learned my Aunt Phyllis passed away suddenly over the weekend. She was in Montreal for the weekend and didn't wake up. I don't have too many details and am waiting for more from my cousins. This is where distance sux! I can't just hop on a plane and go for the funeral. Kinda like when my Grandma passed away. I'm very saddened she'll never meet the grandson who's due in September...my cousins battled infertility for 18 years and are finally blessed to be parents!

My parents are more than likely hitting pause on the whole road trip they're on  and flying home for the funeral and then back to Alberta (where they are now) to pick up where they left off. Will more than likely delay their arrival to us, but it better change their departure date from us too!!! Got that mom!!!

Once the kids were in bed, I worked on some Avon stuff, and then sat down to veg and watch tv and knit. The B'ette, man, Ashley needs to build a bridge and get over it, it being Bentley! And then to see the previews that he's back next week...he's an ass! If he ever gets a date again, I'll be shocked!  Phuket looks an awful lot like the PNW...rainy, rainy, rainy!! I love that they worked on that orphanage and gave back. Nice work! Wasn't that shocked to see West go home...was shocked she kept Ben C tho, he's a wallflower if you ask me! After B'ette, I watched Switched at Birth...its very thought provoking...not sure I could handle that situation truthfully!

Til next time...God bless!

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